October 28, 2020

Eye Love Wednesday - Swiss Line Cell Shock Magic Eye Mask

It's that time of year when magic is in the air and anything seems possible, so why not send a little bit of that pixie dust to your eyes with a magical mask:
Swiss Line Cell Shock Magic Eye Mask - 20ml - $160 - perfect for frequent travellers, irregular sleepers or anyone who can't live without eye concealer - this cream mask, with a blue-ish off-white shade, targets wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles and is dispensed through the metal applicator, releasing cooling and soothing ingredients into skin, including:
Cellactel 2 Complex - one of the brand’s secret weapons in the fight against aging skin, it helps to repair essential functions, increase cellular metabolism and regenerate the skin; 
Hyaluronic acid - acts as a “molecular sponge” trapping and holding water up to 1,000 times its own weight to provide an immediate film-forming and plumping effect;
Oligo-mineral complex - designed for stressed skin suffering from fatigue, it has the ability to stimulate the cellular metabolism, the synthesis of intracellular ATP and cell growth thanks to the actions of zinc, magnesium and manganese; and
Enzyme-probiotics complex - pumpkin enzymes and probiotics stimulate exfoliation and promote a more even texture. 
You use it in the same way you would a face mask: you can either apply a thin layer at night, allowing it to deliver benefits while sleeping. Next morning, if needed, remove left-over traces with cold water or during the day as an anti-fatigue mask - apply a very thin layer whenever needed and allow it to set for 5-10 minutes. Remove the traces of the film with a moistened cotton pad. 
My eyes always feel tired and puffy from staring at a computer screen all day and they especially appreciate the cooling metal applicator when I pop it into the fridge for a few minutes first!

Available at spas and beauty destinations across Canada - check out swissline-skincare.ca to find a location near you or to buy online.

- Lisamarie -

October 26, 2020

Everything's coming up roses with Physicians Formula, Scentuals and Yardley!

Physicians Formula Rosé All Night Ultra-Rich Restorative Cream
- 45g - $21.99 - a calming, hydration-restoring night cream that brightens and repairs skin for a firmer, youthful looking glow. With an ultra-rich, brightening formula enriched with brightening kakadu plum, calming rose water, anti-oxidant rich goji and wrinkle-relaxing sea mayweed while providing instant, deep and long-lasting 30-hour moisturization for supple and youthful looking skin without feeling sticky.
Available at drug and mass retailers across Canada.
Scentuals Rose Facial Mist
- 120ml - $29.50 - hydrates and brightens with a 100% natural botanical formula of rose and rose geranium floral water, aloe vera extract and hyaluronic acid to delicately tone skin leaving it refreshed, radiant and younger looking. 

Available at select stores across Canada - to find one near you check out: https://www.scentuals.com/ca/where-to-buy - as well as to purchase online.
Yardley English Rose
- 50ml EDT - $18.95 - a refreshing, light floral fragrance with sparkling citrus and rose top notes; and a heart subtly combining rose bud, magnolia, violet and cassis with warm woody notes; whilst patchouli and musks, add velvety tones to the base. 
Available at drugstores across Canada.
- Lisamarie -

October 21, 2020

This week I'm obsessed with... Oh K! SOS Detoxifying Peel Off Clay Mask!

Oh K! SOS Detoxifying Peel Off Clay Mask - 100ml - $13.99 - a super soothing and easy to peel off natural clay mask that removes impurities from the skin with witch hazel and gently exfoliates to help reduce the appearance of pores.
The best thing about it of course is that it peels off - I'm obsessed with peeling products - there is just something so satisfying about it! Just apply to clean skin, leave on for 20-30 minutes and then peel it right off - bonus points if you can do it all in one large piece sitting the couch while watching tv with your husband/boyfriend/girlfriend - they love it!
Available at Shoppers Drug Mart stores across Canada and online at beauty.shoppersdrugmart.ca.
- Lisamarie -

October 19, 2020

Must try eyeshadow trends with Quo Beauty, Mary Kay and Revolution!

Diamond's can be a girl's eyes best friend especially when it comes to eyeshadow trends...
Quo Beauty Diamond Eyeshadow Palette - $18 - includes 8 very wearable shades saturated with colour and just the right amount of sparkle.
I spent the weekend playing with this palette because - well - shiny - and all of the colours are something I would/will wear (esp. the silvery lavender in the middle). Best of all they lend perfectly to my preferred lazy technique of an all-over shadow wash. 
Part of the new launch of Quo Beauty products which includes new formulations and packaging - more on that in a few days so stay tuned!
Available exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart stores across Canada and online at beauty.shoppersdrugmart.ca.
For eyes that shine like the stars go for Foil...
Mary Kay Foil Eyeshadow Duo - $20 - in Pink & Purple or Copper & Pyrite - a metallic eyeshadow duo that boasts a super reflective foil finish with an ultralight powder formula that applies with a silky texture that delivers glitter without the grit and comfortably stays put hour after hour.

Available now through your Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant - if you don't have one you can locate one at - www.marykay.ca or 1-866-455-5454.
I admit it, Red scares me - it's one of those trends that when not done right, just ends up looking scary! The best tips I can give you after much experimentation is full-on red is hard - pair it with some pink (above), brown or burgundy to make it less intense; and don't forget your Visine - if your eyes are even a little bit bloodshot, red eyeshadow will bring out your inner vampire look - of course it's almost Halloween so that could be a good thing...
Revolution Reloaded Eyeshadow Palette in Neutrals 2 - $12.99 - includes 15 highly pigmented, long wearing options that include warm burnt shades for lovers of rustic reds and burnt oranges, in a variety of matte and shimmer finishes.

Available at Shoppers Drug Mart stores across Canada and online at beauty.shoppersdrugmart.ca.

- Lisamarie -

October 14, 2020

This week I'm obsessed with... Conair InfinitiPro Frizz Free Hot Air Brush!

These days we really need to put the power of salon styling in our own hands - which is now made easy with:
Conair InfinitPro Frizz Free Hot Air Brush - $49.99 - with a ceramic coated, 1½-inch thermal barrel that ensures even heat for exceptional performance, while ionic technology eliminates frizz, resulting in smooth, shiny, healthy-looking hair. Equipped with 2 heat settings to dry hair quickly yet gently as you style, it features a mix of nylon and ball-tipped bristles for optimal comfort and control, plus a cool setting to lock in your style.  
The nice thing about present circumstances is not having to run out the door in the morning so I have the time to let my hair mostly air dry - then I use the Hot Air Brush to give it a smooth finish and lots of shine! And I don't even have my usual complaint about hair appliances that the cord ends up being a mess making it hard to use - the cord on this one is great - 6' long and it swivels so I never find myself tangled up in it!
Part of a whole Conair InfinitPro Frizz Free Collection which also includes a Pro Dryer, Flat Iron and Curling Iron!

Available at drug and mass retailers across Canada.

- Lisamarie -

October 12, 2020

All the best in Vitamin C from StriVectin, Vichy and Indeed!

StriVectin Multi-Action Super-C Retinol Brighten & Correct Vitamin C Serum
- 30ml - $79 - with a lightweight, supercharged formula that combines the brightening power of vitamin C in two potent stabilized forms plus acerola cherry extract; with the correcting power of retinol to smooth fine lines and texture for visibly renewed, glowing skin. Sensitive to retinol? Don't worry, the formula also  contains NIA-114, StriVectin's patented form of niacin to help make the retinol more tolerable and effective.
Available at Shoppers Drug Mart stores across Canada and online at beauty.shoppersdrugmart.ca and strivectin.com

Vichy LiftActiv Specialist Peptide-C Anti-Aging Ampoules
- 10 ampoules - $ 39.95 - formulated with only 10 ingredients including: 10% pure vitamin C - works on anti-aging, dark spots, glow and firmness; phyto peptides - approves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles; natural hyaluronic acid - hydrates, smooths and plumps the skin; and Vichy mineralizing thermal water - in a clean formula without fragrance, alcohol and preservatives. 
A day's worth of serum is individually packaged in individual ampoules which is good and bad:

The good: you get a precise, fresh dose of the concentrated formula in a hermetic and photoprotective pack that preserves the actives against UV, heat and oxidation and allows the formula to be created without preservatives which is a great thing for anyone with sensitive skin!

The bad: the ampoules are glass and have to be opened in a very precise way or you end up with a jagged edge or a fistful of glass - the box does give you detailed instructions on how to open them so best to do it exactly as instructed! I imagine the glass must be important for the preserving of the formula or they would have made it easy and packaged them in plastic...

Another great tip - 1 ampoule used twice a day is more product then my skin needs so I have been stretching 1 ampoule to get 3 uses out of it - the formula is good for 48 hours after opening so this has worked well for me - if you don't have a pinhead like me you might not be able to get the product to stretch as far of course...

After 2 week of twice a day use I can definitely see a difference - my skin is smooth and glowing and feels perfectly moisturized!

Available now at drugstores across Canada and online at vichy.ca.

Indeed Labs Vitamin C Brightening Drops - 30ml - $19.99 - a supercharged and perfectly lightweight serum that restores skin’s luminosity, radiance and brightness with the power of vitamin C  with a formula containing an encapsulated and non-phototoxic form of pure ascorbic acid (vitamin C) that absorbs into the skin 15x more effectively and boosts skin's defenses against environmental stressors and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for firmer, more youthful looking skin; volcanic soil; and hyaluronic acid that work together to even skin tone, reduce hyperpigmentation and brighten the appearance of skin; along with the power of tamarind seed extract and biosaccharide gum-1 that work to soothe skin, improve skin texture and enhance the skin’s moisture barrier for long-lasting hydration. 

And you can feel good that it's not tested on animals and free of fragrances, parabens, colourants, phthalates, SLS & SLES, denatured alcohol, and mineral oil.

Available now at Shoppers Drug Mart stores across Canada and online at beauty.shoppersdrugmart.ca and indeedlabs.com.
- Lisamarie -

October 7, 2020

This week I'm obsessed with... Live Clean Daily Moisturizing Shea & Coconut Body Lotion!

The seasons, they are a-changin' which means my lizard skin is starting to emerge making a good body lotion an absolute necessity - luckily one of my fave brands Live Clean has something new which is just what my skin needs:

Live Clean Daily Moisturizing Shea & Coconut Body Lotion - 532ml - $9.49 - with a 98% plant and naturally derived formula great for all skin types that is enriched with a triple moisture complex containing natural oils and certified organic extracts that absorbs quickly without being greasy to leave skin soft and hydrated for 24 hours.

Not only does it moisturize perfectly and smell great it also makes a great hand moisturizer - so if all that hand washing has left you with scaly hands - leave a bottle of this by your sink and apply after every washing (and if you are looking for a great hand wash try the Live Clean Aloe & Agave Foaming Hand Wash - 400ml - $5.99 - enriched with vitamin E and certified organic botanicals making it much less drying then your usual hand wash - available at Walmart, Sobeys and well.ca).

As always, the products are petrolatum, mineral oil, paraben, silicone, phthalate, phosphate and dye free - with recyclable packaging and biodegradable ingredients.

Available now at Shoppers Drug Mart and Jean Coutu stores across Canada and online at beauty.shoppersdrugmart.ca and well.ca.

- Lisamarie -