Crazed Contests

Look to your right - a little more - a little..yup there it is, right near the top of the sidebar, all of the wonderful contests we have going on right now - so go ahead and enter, you know you want to!

Look at it this way, winning a Beauty Crazed contest has much better odds then winning the lottery - there your chances are 1 in several many millions - here your chances are 1 in 100 or so - better then that even if you increase your chances by tweeting the contest or posting it on your blog for an extra entry!

It breaks our hearts though (well my heart really, we've already established that Christelle is heartless) to have people win (and then have to disqualify them) who didn't follow the very simple rules:  be a follower (we do check), answer the question (it's never hard), make sure there is a way for us to contact you (easiest if you leave an e-mail but also works if your name is clickable and your e-mail is on your profile page) - I don't know how many people have won that have ended up losing because we couldn't find them, and finally - answer your winner's e-mail in a timely fashion!  Most of our contests end on a Friday, if we haven't heard from you by Monday, we are moving on!

I hope this was a helpful primer to the way contests work in the Beauty Crazed world and of course most of all - GOOD LUCK!