August 30, 2014

Sleep your skin's problems away with SkinCeuticals, Filorga, Optimera and Lotus Aroma!

SkinCeuticals Resveratrol B E Antioxidant Night Concentrate - 30ml - $165 - boosts skin's internal antioxidant defense system with a trio of antioxidants: 1% Resveratrol, 0.5% Baicalin and 1% Vitamin E - to help maximize its nighttime reconstruction potential with comprehensive visible repair for accumulated damage that neutralizes age-accelerating internal free radicals; strengthens functionality to resist new damage; and promotes skin's natural repair to diminish the signs of accumulated damage so you can wake up to skin with improved firmness, smoothness and overall radiance.

Available at select dermatologist offices, medical spas and high-end spas - visit to find one near you.
Filorga Sleep-Recover Fatigue Correcting Night Balm - 50ml - $95 - softens lines and reduces the signs of fatigue with a formula of Silk tree extract combined with Indian horse chestnut extract to reduce dark circles, puffiness and drawn features;hyaluronic acid to visibly reduce wrinkles caused by fatigue; and NCTF to revitalize the skin and prevent signs of fatigue from becoming permanently established for skin that looks refreshed and well rested come morning.

Available at Murale and
Optimera Night Cream - 30ml - $125 - dramatically reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin texture, aging or loose skin, discolouration and enlarged pores with SAL-14 extract - a synergistic combination of various botanicals including Bidens Pilosa and Aloe Barbandensis Leaf Juice along with Centella Asiatica - which helps with the appearance of toning and tightening.

What makes it different to other night creams I've tried is how it feels on the skin - if you've ever used a clay mask or tightening serum then you know exactly the feeling I am talking about - and they say it is to lock in your skin's moisture as you sleep. When you rinse your face in the morning the feeling goes away and you're left with soft, glowing skin!

You can also buy the Night Cream with the Day Cream for $188.

Available online at
Lotus Aroma Youth Anti-Wrinkle Night Serum - 30ml - $46 - smooths out unevenness and rejuvenates the complexion with a formula rich in natural AHA - made up of citrus and maple sugar that coat and improve the skin; BHA extract from White Willow Bark that promotes cell renewal and impairs skin's aging process; Vitamin E-rich Hyaluronic Acid - to moisturize the skin deeply, filling lines and wrinkles for an even and rejuvenated complexion; Witch Hazel Floral Water - tones and soothes; and German Chamomile extract - an exceptional skin revitalizing agent. Wake up to skin that is visibly balanced, hydrated and more supple, rested, silky and glowing.

Available at pharmacies and health food stores across Canada - go to to find a location near you.

- Lisamarie -

August 29, 2014

Charitable Beauty - Kiehl's Rocks For Kids Limited Edition Ultra Facial Cream

Kiehl’s proudly announces Kiehl’s Rocks for Kids, a partnership with Canadian band Simple Plan.
Kiehl’s Rocks for Kids will allow customers and fans across the country to support the Simple Plan Foundation, which is dedicated to helping children and youth who cope with handicap or illness.

Customers and fans across the country are invited to participate through the following initiatives:

Kiehl's Rocks For Kids Limited Edition Ultra Facial Cream - 125ml - $56 - a light-texture cream that provides 24-hour hydration with continuous water replenishment throughout the day, leaving skin visibly well-balanced, particularly in harsh weather conditions; and helps reduce moisture loss while drawing and absorbing moisture from the air. 100% of net profits will be donated to the Simple Plan Foundation;

National Shop for the Cause: Kiehl’s will donate $1 for every transaction on September 12-14, 2014;

Acoustic Performance: on September 19, 2014, Kiehl’s will host an exclusive acoustic performance
with Simple Plan in Toronto. As a way to delight customers and fans, free tickets to the concert will be
available at Kiehl’s stores in the Greater Toronto Area on September 13;

Live-Stream: for Canadians not able to attend the show, Kiehl’s will live-stream the concert online and
donate $1 for each view.

Through these various initiatives, their objective is to raise $40,000 for the Simple Plan Foundation in Canada - so lend a hand while scoring yourself some great moisturizer and music!

- Lisamarie -

L'Occitane Revitalizing Fresh Hair Care - a breath of fresh air for your hair!

L'Occitane Revitalizing Fresh Hair Care - combines the revitalizing properties of five essential oils: peppermint, grapefruit, thyme, lavender and cedar with the purifying power of a plant-based vinegar in an ultra-fresh, silicone-free formula that helps to revitalize and purify normal to oily scalps and eliminate built-up residue that suffocates the hair and keeps products from working effectively - for hair that feels revived, light and energized!

Available in the collection:

Revitalizing Fresh Shampoo - 300ml - $22 - refreshes and helps revitalize the scalp to keep hair feeling squeaky clean.

Revitalizing Fresh Conditioner - 250ml - $22 - gently detangles and leaves hair feeling soft and light.

Revitalizing Fresh Detangling Spray - 125ml - $26 - helps with detangling and styling and revives hair without weighing it down to leave hair supple, shiny and easy to style.

Revitalizing Fresh Scalp Tonic - 100ml - $28 - immediately refreshes and helps purify the scalp by reducing excess sebum.

Not only are the purifying essential oils good for your hair, they make the products smell amazing - and are a great pick-me-up in the shower!

Available now at L'Occitane boutiques across Canada.

- Lisamarie -

Fragrant Friday - Narciso Rodriguez Narciso

Narciso Rodriguez Narciso - 50ml EDP - $106, 90ml EDP - $126, 50ml Musc Oil - $175, 200ml Body Lotion - $59, 100ml Deodorant Spray - $45 - a uniquely sexy fragrance that transforms notes of vetiver, the most elegant note from the classic woods family into a composition that embodies intense femininity.While musk remains the signature heart of the scent, it's a voluptuous must softened by amber, providing warmth and sensuality. Assertive woody notes of vetiver and luminous white and dark cedars meet tender florals, lucid gardenia and soft radiant bulgarian rose to create scen both bold and subtle for a seductive, feminine fragrance that lingers and endures.

Floral fragrances just don't smell right on me so I passed it along to a friend of mine who is already a big fan of the original Nariciso Rodriguez For Her and she proclaimed the new one a lot sexier then the original but in a very feminine way - and that it's light enough to wear everyday but special enough that you might want to save it for a night out.

Available now at Hudson's Bay stores across Canada and coming to Sephora, Murale, Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutiques in October.

- Lisamarie -

August 28, 2014

If you litter you suck, if you are one of the corporations that complained about the anti-litter campaign ads you also suck!

It's so rarely that I see the City of Toronto do something clever or cool - ie. Rob Ford (not cool) - that I was super impressed when I spotted the recent clever advertising campaign aimed at stopping my pet peeve - litterbugs!

Alas, it was too good to be true, no sooner did they impress me then down came the ads after some of the big name brands - whose packaging was creatively used to create the ads -  raised a stink with the City of Toronto and got the campaign pulled due to trademark infringement concerns.

The campaign slogan was, “Littering says a lot about you” and featured discarded packaging arranged to spell out what it is all of us really think of what those litterbugs out there really are.

The combinations included a Reese’s Pieces box and a bottle of Gatorade put together to spell “Pig”; a bag of Lay’s potato chips and a Krazy Glue package arranged to spell “Lazy”; a package of Fun-Dip and a Drumstick wrapper put together to spell "Dipstick" ; a Du Maurie cigarette packet and Red Bull can arranged to spell "Dumb"; Alka-Seltzer and Goldfish crackers saying “Selfish”; and a pack of Sweet'N Low and Lifesavers put together to say “Low Life.”

I think these brands need to think about corporate responsibility and since they are (no matter how inadvertently) part of the problem, also need to be part of the solution. They claim to support anti-littering initiatives but actions speak louder then words - I for one can assure them that these ads are not going to affect my love for Reece's Pieces or Lay's chips!

Since the ads have been pulled off of transit, I'm going to do my bit to make sure the word gets out there - I would make my own ad if I could think of what two products would spell Asshole... which is what I think of the person who keeps throwing their cigarette butts on my lawn - newsflash you jerk, butts are litter too!

- Lisamarie -

Test Driving Philips Zoom! WhiteSpeed Light-Activated Whitening System

If you're teeth aren't looking as white as you would like and you aren't getting the results you want from home products then it might be time to consider a visit to your dentist for Philips Zoom! WhiteSpeed Light-Activated Whitening System. This is an especially good idea if you are a fan of instant gratification as you can expect it to whiten teeth up to 8 shades in just 45 minutes!

I recently had a chance to try out the new and improved Zoom! system. I had actually done Zoom! many years ago and while it did a nice job whitening my teeth, it created a lot of sensitivity in my teeth in the days following so I was curious to see if the new system really was better
as it has advanced intensity settings that allow dentists to make adjustments for patients who may experience sensitivity during the whitening process.
I went to visit the nice people at Toothworks Bay Adelaide Dental to experience Zoom! anew. After a check by the dentist to make sure there weren't any issues that would make the experience a problem, I was then put into the capable hands of Registered Dental Hygienist, Diana Ismail, who did a great job of talking me through the procedure as she did it so I would know what was going on and have something (somewhat) intelligent to write about here.

First the rubber thingy you see above was inserted in my mouth - this keeps lips back so that teeth are fully exposed for the light to be able to reach them all. I couldn't help but think of it as a reverse ball-gag, which is probably not the name that Philips will want to use in their advertising campaign, but they are welcome to if they like. Then cotton is stuffed in around the rubber to help hold it in place and also give your drool someplace to go. 

My gums were then protected with a special covering, then the unique hydrogen peroxide whitening gel was applied which breaks down into stain-fighting radicals that break the molecular bonds making up stains, both on and in teeth. The light from the Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed shining on the whitening gel helps these stain-fighting radicals whiten faster. The process is then repeated 2 more times for a total of 3 - 15 minute sessions.

I felt absolutely no pain or sensitivity during the procedure, the most uncomfortable part was the rubber thing and cotton stuffed in my mouth. You also have to remain really still which is the perfect excuse to have a nap!

What I was more worried about was afterwards. Last time I had it done I had shooting pains in my teeth for 12 hours or so afterwards. At the time I was told it was my teeth regaining the water that they lost during the procedure. This time I had almost no pain at all a bit of a dull ache that went away with a couple of Advil and didn't return. The other thing that is challenging is finding white foods - you can't eat anything with staining potential for 24 hours after the procedure - luckily vodka and white wine are on the allowed list!

Check out the before and after pics - I really just did these to have an excuse to make stupid faces for the camera!
Unfortunately the before pics really don't do credit to the discolouration that did exist- but you can certainly see that there is a big difference in brightness from these pictures to the next 3.
You can see from the after pics that my teeth are now as white and bright as it's possible for teeth to look and still be real! 

You can get more info on Zoom! at the Philips website - If you are in the Toronto area and interested in getting Zoom! I highly recommend visiting Diana at Toothworks for as enjoyable an experience as you can have with something like this. There are 4 locations in Toronto and you will find Diana at the 333 Bay Street location - 416-869-9888. At the time I went there was a special going on for $599 - I understand their usual price for Zoom! is $799.

You can check out their website at for more information or their other locations or find them on Facebook - and Twitter -

- Lisamarie -

Elizabeth Arden Untold Color Collection Fall 2014

Elizabeth Arden's latest collection is inspired by the Untold fragrance which celebrates the muti-faceted modern woman and offers a versatile range of highly pigmented, long wearing products to create a look for every mood - from soft and subtle to intense and intriguing..

Beautiful Color Eye Shadow Quad - $48 - in Chic Browns - deep browns and sandy taupes or Posh Purples - purples and pinks - each palette holds a mix of perfectly coordinated shades in shimmer and matte finishes, with buildable, long-lasting and crease-free shadows that glide easily onto lids for colour that brightens and lifts the look of eyes.

Beautiful Color Lip Gloss - $22 - in Glamorous Gold or Intriguing Violet - with a lip-plumping, long-lasting formula that offers a hint of vanilla scent and vibrant colour.

Beautiful Color Precision Glide Eye Liner - $26 - in Black Velvet, Slate, Java, Sapphire, Blackberry or Emerald - a soft, creamy pencil that lines eyes with intense, buildable colour for dramatic definition that lasts 14 hours. It features an ultra-fine tip for easy precision and is water, smudge and transfer proof.

Beautiful Color Natural Eye Brow Pencil - $26 - in Honey Blonde, Natural Beige, Brownette or Natural Black - infused with mineral pigments, silk powders and vitamin C & E to help care for the skin while defining brows with the natural look of the powder with the convenience and precision of a twist-up pencil and eliver long lasting, waterproof colour that won't transfer or fade.

Available now at Hudson's Bay, Sears, Shoppers Drug Mart and London Drugs.

- Lisamarie -

New York Color Fall 2014 Collection - with swatches!

NYC New York Color wants you on trend and in style this fall with color palettes to put you in the fall spirit without any damage to your wallet and is offering up products to give you two complete beauty looks inspired by urban city life -

Fifth Avenue Gold Look - channeling mixed metal nudes:

Eyes - Individual Eyes Custom Compact in Best of Broadway - $5.99 - for a shimmery golden gaze
HD Liquid Eye Liner in Extra Black - $4.49- for all day long-lasting wear and precision.
Big Bold Curl Mascara - $4.99 - offers skyscraper high, outrageously thick and super sexy lashes.

Lips - City Proof Twistable Intense Lip Color - $4.99 - in  Brooklyn Brownstone - silky neutral or Parsons Pink for a pop of pink.

Nails - In A New York Minute Quick Dry Nailpolish - $1.99 - in Top Of The Gold, Fashion Safari - nude or Spring Street - vibrant orange. I've seen some swatch pics of the Top Of The Gold and it really reminds me of the OPI Mariah Carey Pure Top Coat (without the $38 price tag)!

Jewel State Look - channeling bold jewel-tones:

Eyes - HD Trio Eyeshadow in Central Park Plums - $3.99 - for mega eye intensity
HD Liquid Eye Liner in Extra Black - $4.49 - for added eye definition
Big Bold Volume by The Lash Mascara - $4.99 - for bold, empire length lashes

Lips - City Proof Twistable Intense Lip Color in South Ferry Berry - $4.99 - for a hint of wine.

NailsIn A New York Minute Quick Dry Nailpolish - $1.99 - in vibrant shades of Water Street Blue or Columbus Circle Crimson. Add on Matte Me Crazy Top Coat - $1.99 - to make the polish last.
City Proof Twistable Intense Lip Color in Brooklyn Brownstone
In A New York Minute Quick Dry Nailpolish Water Street Blue
In A New York Minute Quick Dry Nailpolish Columbus Circle Crimson

- Lisamarie -

August 27, 2014

Eye Love Wednesday - Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow

I recently had the chance to join Make Up For Ever in celebrating 30 beautiful years of makeup wonderfulness at a cute event launching their new Artist Shadow range - a collection of 210 highly pigmented eye shadows with superior blendability and intense even colour payoff. Other then the astounding selection of colour, what makes them new and interesting is the new formula based on pigment atomization and water-blend technology which maximizes colour, delivering up to 88% concentrated pigment, which allows for utmost blendability and even texture. I'm a fan of the texture, they feel so silky and cool it's like having the feel of a cream powder with the benefits of a powder!

At the event they had us create mood boards - you can see mine above and then curate a palette trio inspired by said mood board -  I went with some glamorous green - the dark one is a really cool khaki that I plan on using to do a "more interesting then black" smokey eye!
I was able to see all of the shadows together in one spot and believe me, with 210 shades in 5 finishes: matte (M), satin (S), metal (ME), iridescent (I) and diamond (D) the choices can seem overwhelming! They've made it a little easier to deal with my marking each shade with a letter to indicate the finish and a number to easily figure out the shade family - although that's still not going to help you decide which ones you want - picking just three was torture!
A single shade will set you back $25, or design your own custom duo for $39 or trio for $50.

Available now at and Make Up For Ever Boutiques.

- Lisamarie -

Balmy for BB - Marcelle BB Cream Beauty Balm

Marcelle BB Cream Beauty Balm - 45ml - $22.95 - a hypoallergenic and fragrance free skin care enhancer with self-adjusting pigments, powerful antioxidants, aloe and chamomile that is great for all ages and skin types, offering 8 multi-benefits: evens out skin tone; offers immediate and long-term hydrating benefits; protects from premature aging and environmental stresses; promotes skin regeneration; controls shine; soothes and calms; reduces the appearance of imperfections; and provides a radiant complexion.

Use if alone as you would a tinted moisturizer to even out complexion and reduce the appearance of blemishes, or apply as a make-up base under foundation for total coverage and improved staying power.

This was already one of the better ones as far as range of colour choices for all you normal complexioned people out there coming in: Light to Medium, Medium to Dark and Dark to Darker - and they have finally realized that Light to Medium just doesn't work if you are pale so are launching a Fair shade - yippee!

Available at drugstores across Canada and online at

- Lisamarie -

This week I'm obsessed with... Clinique Chubby Stick Cheek Colour Balm!

If I skip wearing blush I strongly resemble a corpse but during these hot sticky days blush tends to disappear on me before lunchtime even hits so something that is also water, sweat and humidity resistant is a necessity! Better even then a cream blush is a balm which offers natural shimmerless colour that stays where you put it which is my I am loving:

Clinique Chubby Stick Cheek Colour Balm - $24 - in four shades: Amp'd Up Apple, Robust Rhubarb, Roly Poly Rosy and Plumped Up Peony - with an easy to use, dome-shaped design that glides on smoothly, layers easily to offer looks from a natural flush to a more intense blush, blends flawlessly and lasts without looking cakey or dry thanks to a combination of moisturizing ingredients including a healthy dose of vitamin E.

Available now at Clinique counters across Canada and online at

- Lisamarie -

August 26, 2014

Sneak Peek - Clé de Peau Collection Beauté Céleste Holiday 2014

Clé de Peau Beauté wants you to enter a universe of radiance this holiday season with a limited edition  collection inspired by celestial light and beautiful packaging with original designs by SWASH London and special motifs to celebrate the spirit of the collection. The packaging whore in me or course loves the collection which includes:

Makeup Coffret - $200 - compact includes 3 eye shadows in nude shades to add depth to the eyes, blush duo in pink and peach to accentuate cheeks along with a Perfect Lash Mascara and mini Extra Rich Lipstick in a luminous rose shade to give lips luscious sensuality - beautifully boxed making it the perfect gift (for yourself).
Powder Compact - $70 - a sheer, soft light-reflecting powder to give skin a translucent refined look. Of course it's too pretty to use so you will have to refrain from using it and simply gaze at it adoringly..
Shimmering Lip Gloss Trio - $60 - in three transparent shades of rose, nude and peach with a delicate stardust shimmer that can be used on their own for a dewy look or over a lipstick for a spotlight effect.

You'll find it at the end of October at Holt Renfrew and Ogilvy's.

- Lisamarie -

Hair products your boy is going to want to steal - from Osis+, Kevin Murphy and Surface - so watch out!

I admit it, I make a habit of using products that either come in girly packaging or smell so feminine that there is no way that it will suddenly disappear from my bathroom and appear in my husbands' - so I worry when I use products that have such obvious unisex appeal if they will even be where I left them the next day.

Hair styling products seem to disappear the fastest and here are 3 I expect to never see again soon:

Schwarzkopf Professional Osis+ Rough Rubber Paste - 50ml - $21.50 - a revolutionary rubber paste for lasting rouged up natural locks with mould-able texture, strong control and a strong matte effect.

Just apply a small amount and work it into the hair, dry or damp - then roughen up at will. Coolest packaging ever - the container is actually round! It does come with a little plastic base though if you don't want it rolling around your counter.

Available at partner salons across Canada - check out to find one near you.
Kevin Murphy Un.Dressed Fibre Paste - 100g - $35.95 - a firm elastic paste infused with black pepper, honey and ivy extracts that creates a loose, undone, natural look with flexible hold and a matte texture.

It's easy to use, just rub a small amount between palms and distribute evenly through damp or dry hair.

Available at salons across Canada - go to to find a location near you.
Surface Taffy Whip Styling Taffy - 118ml - $28.95 - with a 100% humidity proof formula containing natural mushroom, corn and sugar fibres that help texturize and sculpt and can be used wet and dry on curls to set a beautiful rubberized spring curl or used dry in short hair for texture.

Best part is the scent - a blend of lavender and vanilla bean, which sadly doesn't smell as girly as it sounds so you are still going to have to guard it - just remember that little bit goes a long way, especially if you are applying to dry hair - so don't overdo or you'll end up with a sticky mess!
Available in salons across Canada - check out to find one near you.
- Lisamarie -

Designer Series by OPI Polished Quartz Collection - with swatches!

OPI introduces a new polished quartz formula with two new semiprecious stone-inspired hues – DS Tourmaline and DS Titanium – to the Designer Series by OPI collection. Each Designer Series Polished Quartz nail lacquer features a semi-matte finish with intense three-dimensional sparkle that create the eye-catching look of semi-precious jewels on the nails.

You can wear them without a topcoat for a semi-matte finish but I find they last longer with a topcoat and I like how shiny and sparkly it makes them so that how I roll...
DS Tourmaline - shimmery rose
DS Titanium - glittery dark silver

Available at professional salons and spas for $14.95 each.

- Lisamarie -

August 25, 2014

Mascara Monday - Rimmel ScandalEyes Rockin' Curves Mascara

Rimmel ScandalEyes Rockin’ Curves Mascara - $7.99 - offers amplified volume and lift
With a new broken-heart shaped brush that curves to the lash line - with a thin brush tip that grabs hard to reach lashes and an amplified base that creates dramatic volume and curves.
Between the funky shaped brush and the wet formula, I had a hard time keeping it on my lashes and had to clean mascara blotches off my face afterwards so there is a learning curve to using the brush.
 Good results though - volume, lift and no clumps!

Available now at drug and mass retailers across Canada.

- Lisamarie -

Nifty notions - Sephora Sleepover Toothbrush!

I've always secretly admired those people I see brushing their teeth in the bathroom at work after lunch. To me, that takes a lot of planning a dedication to oral hygiene to go to that kind of effort. I know there are cases and covers you can get for a full sized brush so you don't have to use a baggie or struggle with one of those tiny portable brushes but the idea has never appealed to me so I figured my usual post-lunch gum chewing would have to continue to suffice, that is until I saw:

Sephora Sleepover Toothbrush - $20 - comes in black and pink, but why anyone would want any colour but pink I don't know - with a sleek and travel-friendly design to keep the brush head clean while allowing for drying. But it's not just a regular toothbrush, it's battery operated (yes, which means it vibrates) with an oscillating motor that delivers more than 22,000 brush strokes per minute. Clean teeth, pretty packaging, vibrating, nuff said.

Available at Sephora and

- Lisamarie -

Avon Naturals Vibrant Orchid & Blueberry Bath & Body Collection

Avon Naturals Body Care has introduced a new scent in their bath & body collection: Vibrant Orchid & Blueberry- an exotic floral glowing with sun-drenched orchid and bright blueberry with a hint of zesty grapefruit - and includes:

Hydrating Shower Gel - 150ml - $8 - creates a rich, creamy lather that conditions skin with moisture.

Body Lotion - 250ml - $8 - a creamy lotion that leaves skin looking healthy and feeling velvety smooth for up to 30 hours.

Body Spray - 250ml - $10 - a beautifully scented mist that leaves skin feeling refreshed.

Available from your Avon rep - 1-800-265-AVON or online at

- Lisamarie -

August 23, 2014

Achieve radiant skin with the help of a serum from Shiseido and Murad!

Skin looking a little dull and lackluster? Then a serum might be just what you need to perk it up and give it the glow that it's missing! Here are a couple of great choices to get your skin's radiance back:

Shiseido Future Solution LX Superior Radiance Serum - 30ml - $260 - with a unique smooth texture that replenishes essential moisture and makes it last all day long while fundamentally improving skin's quality and resistance to visible concerns such as wrinkles, uneven skin tone, dullness, discoloration, pores, age spots, redness and acne marks. It features Shiseido's exclusive Lustrous Dual-Action Technology, each drop contains the combined power of the revolutionary brightening ingredient Pearl Hybrid Complex, and Skingenecell 1P, to reveal glowing skin with renewed clarity, reminiscent of Japan's most precious Hanadama pearls that also counteracts the appearance of future aging along with effective natural ingredients including premium Uji green tea, super yeast extract and star fruit extract.

Available at Shiseido counters across Canada.
Murad Advanced Active Radiance Serum - 30ml - $89 - with a fast-acting formula with double the brighteners too boost radiance and verse visible signs of environmental damage that features Resilient-C Complex which delivers highly stable vitamin C - with 50 times the potency of prior generations - to improve skin radiance, support natural collagen production, and protect against free radical damage; along with Hexapeptide-2 and Indian fig to boost skin clarity and support natural cell renewal while helping to prevent future pigment formation; and ectoin and green tea extract to jump-start the cellular defense system by helping to resist drastic environmental stressors including UV exposure and chemical aggressors.

Available at Sephora and

- Lisamarie -

August 22, 2014

Vasanti Myeong-Dong Collection Fall 2014

The Vasanti Myeong-Dong Collection was inspired by a trip to Seoul's main shopping district and all the  colours and innovation South Korea has to offer.

Lightning Liner Liquid Eyeliner - $18 - in four unique matte colours: Thunderbolt - vibrant royal blue whitens the whites of the eyes, Calm - periwinkle lavender, Wake Me Up - nude peach, Storm - rich smoky grey -  to suit every complexion and eye colour, instantly wakes up tired-looking eyes and not only define but also brighten eyes. 
Ultra Luxe Lipstick - $15 - in three shades: Breezy Belize - nude milky pink, Lucky Irish - rich lavender and Trini Love - coral orange -  formulated with Peptide Technology that plumps, hydrates and smooths lips like a lipbalm and gives the colour and coverage of a lipstick, 
Lipshine - $15 - in four shades: Belle River - bright coral peach, Rio Grande - nude beige, River Finn - bright plum and St. Lawrence - pale lavender pink - that are vitamin E infused and offer a highly pigmented shine and true colour on first application.
See The Light Powder Highlighter Duo in Golden Child - $29 - offers a natural and healthy-looking sheen with two complementing shades of cool-toned white gold champagne and warm-toned rich 18K gold for a customized glow.

Along with the new collection they have also added new shades to the existing collection including:

Silky Eyeshadow Duo - $22 - in ten new duos: Lake Palace - gunmetal brown shimmer/matte jewel green, Painted Desert - charcoal with fine gold sparkle/antique brass, Lost City - matte grey/matte black teal, Masonic Temple - sparkle pink/metallic purple, Notre Dame - bronzed pink/golden pink, Purple City - rich violet shimmer/pale matte lavender, Sahara - metallic golden bronze/white gold, Taj Mahal - metallic champagne rose/luminescent cream, Casa Mila - rich vibrant matte purple/matte royal blue and Grand Canyon - rich matte peach/cranberry shimmer
Kajal Extreme Intense Eyeliner - $18 - in a new shade of Graphite Green.

Available now at select Shoppers Drug Mart and Rexall locations across Canada as well as online at

- Lisamarie -