October 31, 2009

Buy Lindsay Lohan's leggings...if you like 80's hookers' style!

You may know by now how I feel about celebrity fashion lines: mostly mediocre and designed by an army of designers while the clueless celebrity takes credit for it. However, I can believe this collection was really designed by Lindsay Lohan. It looks cheap and tacky and  I have to admit she does have some credibility in that department. Those leggings remind me of the 80's, in a bad way. All she's missing now is the bad 80's perm...

I hope she added Velcro to these leggings. What? Don't look at me like that! It makes it easier to take off when you strip. Everybody knows that.

Perfect when you're standing on the street corner, waiting for that elusive customer.

Not as bad as the other leggings.

Hmm, no. What's so special about black leggings and a belt, anyway?

A girl gotta work to pay her bills, right? Oh, I can't wait for her next Ungaro collection!


October 30, 2009

Help talk me off the ledge! Make Up Forever Aqua Eyes Collector Set.

Would it surprise you to know that I avoid going to the "What's New" section of the Sephora website too often?  To your left is exactly why, every time I do I find something AMAZING (and usually expensive) that I MUST HAVE!  Check out Make Up Forever's Aqua Eyes Collector Set - 25 pencils worth of waterproofing, long lasting goodness!  In every colour you ever possibly (and some you couldn't) imagine drawing around your eyeballs and all in a handy dandy metallic case! The kicker, it's $249 US, but I guess if you think about it mathematically it's less then $10 a pencil, so really I would be saving a TON of money if I bought this set.  How am I supposed to say no to logic like this?!  Any help talking me into or out of this purchase greatly appreciated!
- Lisamarie -

Hot Trend for Cold Winter: My Booties Call

It's that season again. You know, the time when the temperatures start to drop faster than you can say "Holy crap, it's cold!" and all you can think of is "how far is my summer vacation, again?", the season we shall not name, which is about 6 months of the year in Canada.

When I used to live in Paris, I did not have to choose between comfort and style while shoe shopping. Style always won. Never mind if my feet were numb because of the cold, I had to look good no matter what. I wore pumps and stylish coats even in the heart of the winter.  Obviously, moving to Canada completely changed this mindset. If my feet are numb here, it probably means my toes are about to fall out, because it's that much colder. So comfort is important, but you can still try to look purrrdy, right?
Thankfully, this season you can be warm and sexy as the over-the-knees-boots are the hottest trend for shoes.

H&M over-the-knee Jimmy Choo design, for the budget conscious fashionista.

A light, neutral taupe color for these flat boots, by Nine West (now on sale for $104).

  If synthetic is a look you go for, the black platforms "Lunia" boots will do for $139, Nine West

The ones I really want but can't get in Canada...by TopShop. Now you can drool..or go to N.Y.C

Zara does it well.

And Rodarte does it better for $3687 which is exactly 3351 pots of Mr Noodles. Screw the noodles, I'll starve and stare at my shoes instead.


October 29, 2009

Sneak Peek: Kate Moss Xmas TopShop Collection

Here is a preview of Kate Moss TopShop collection (only available at Holt Renfrew in Canada). Xmas will be sultry and glittery. I'd love to see the outfits with proper lighting, but so far it looks pretty interesting. Well, Kate Moss still has it, I guess.


In case you thought I was kidding about the sunscreen...

I was thinking about my post yesterday while watching bad reality television - The Real Housewives of Atlanta to be specific, and realized that I had my case in point right in front of my eyes!  If you aren't familiar with the show please meet Kim Zolciak one of the aforementioned housewives.  Now guess how old she is?  Whatcha think?  40ish?  Maybe a well preserved 50?  Ready...? 29, that's right, I said TWENTY-NINE!  This is the kind of haggard look for such a young age that seems to beg the expression "Rode hard and put away wet".  This is not the way we want to look at 29 now is it?  Keep in mind this is what 29 with lots of money from Big Poppa looks like.  This is what 29 with a professional make-up job and a big ol' wig looks like.  Of course it doesn't help that she also smokes, so if you are a smoking, non-sunscreen wearer, this is what you have to look forward to at 29...not pretty is it?!  Which is the perfect segueway into my favourite moisturizers containing sunscreen...

Biotherm Face Multi-Protection is more then just a sunscreen, even though you will find it in Biotherm's sun care section.  It also works as your moisturizer.  Best part, it comes in SPF 15, 30 and 50.  Oily/combination girls might not love this, I find it a bit heavy, but normal/dry girls should appreciate the texture.  And at $32.50, not a bad price for a face cream.

La Roche Posay - this line is much beloved by dermatologists and sensitive skin sufferers everywhere but not that well know by everyone else.  If you like your skincare to be free of unnecessary fragrance, colour and irritating ingredients then you really need to give this line a try and you might want to start with Hydraphase UV SPF 30.  It's light and fast absorbing.  Darker skin tones might find that it needs some extra rubbing in time as it does have a whitish cast when it first goes on.

My honourable mention goes to Lise Watier Hydra-City.  The only reason it isn't getting my full on approval is I think the SPF of 15 is a little too low, definitely the very minimum you should be wearing. Otherwise it's such a good moisturizer I couldn't leave it off the list entirely.  Now you all have no excuse to eventually/ever look like Kim!
- Lisamarie -

October 28, 2009

Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy, sunshine in my eyes can make me cry...

John Denver knows what he is talking about, and the hidden meaning to the lyrics of this song are "dammit woman, wear your sunscreen or you will look like an old and wrinkly hag" or something like that.

Now I know what you are thinking - "what the hell is Lisamarie going on about sunscreen, it's almost winter for dog's sake".  I understand but just because it's no longer warm outside and we are seeing less of the sun is no reason to forgo sun protection.  The sun can age you just as much through the car window on your drive to work as it can at the beach.  And I will maintain that nothing ages you faster then sun exposure!  The skin cancer part goes without saying of course.  The good part is that because the rest of you is probably covered up, all you need to worry about is your face.  So here are my picks for best, lightest coverage for your pretty mugs.  First up -    Lise Watier Sun Smart SPF 30 - pros: clever pump bottle means less mess and fuss, no objectionable smell and not at all greasy.  cons: only 30mls so if you are using daily (like you should) you can tear through a bottle pretty fast.  solution:  buy in multiples on 20X optimum points day at Shoppers Drug Mart.

I believe the Vichy Capital Soleil Micro Fluide also comes as a 30 SPF as well as the 50 SPF.  The formula is very thin, like heavy water and it looks really white when it goes on but absorbs quickly with no chalkiness left behind.  This is the one I'm using right now and I really like it.

From the high 70 SPF I was expecting Dermaglow High Protection to be really thick and greasy.  To my surprise it is super light and absorbs very fast.  I think I will be picking this up next summer but if you are a skier, I think this would be really excellent for the slopes - the sun reflecting off the snow calls for extra protection.

Honourable mention goes to Clarins UV Plus SPF 40.  The formula is very similar to Vichy's, I like it just as much, although I do find it has more of a "sunscreen" smell.  Of course being Clarins, it's a little pricier.

If you don't want the extra step of a sunscreen then make sure you are wearing a moisturizer with an SPF of at least 30.  Having combination skin, I don't bother with a moisturizer, I put on a serum and then sunscreen on top.  Which is the other important point, remember that your sunscreen goes on the top of your face cream, it should always be the closest thing to the sun before your makeup.

- Lisamarie -

Bad Name, Good Mane

Shea "All Naturals", the sales rep said. "Are you serious?", I asked. "Is that a brand name, for real?"

Most companies, these days, spend a lot of time and energy finding a catchy, marketable name in order to create a strong branding. Shea "All Naturals" must be one of the worst company names I've ever come across. Bad pun and actually really hard to remember. The packaging, designed by a 5 year-old, doesn't help either. But, if you can go beyond this, you'll find that their line of natural moisturizers and haircare is great.

This Canadian company uses Shea butter, cocoa butter, olive oil, jojoba oil, all 100% natural ingredients. Their Shea butter ($15.74) helps soothing extremely dry skin, or conditions like eczema and psoriasis.  However, the real revelation to me was their hair conditioner. Like many black ladies, my hair is processed, and needs an extensive array of hair care products to keep it healthy. By extensive, I mean I would ideally need 4 or 5 shelves bathrooms to keep everything neat and organized.

The Shea Butter Moisturizing Conditioner (rinse-out or leave-in) really helps keeping frizziness under control. I noticed the difference with my hair right away. The menthol in this product is a little surprising at first but is meant to stimulate blood flow (and it certainly feels like it) and open up your pores.

Unfortunately, while the shea butter is widely available at Shoppers Drug Mart, this conditioner is only available online (US delivery is available). If you have curly or dry hair, you'll love it though, it's absolutely worth the $15.74 price tag. Remember, none of that money goes to their marketing department, the 5-year old packaging designer gets paid in candies!


Sexy boy massage bar? It must be LUSH holiday time!

Ah, LUSH!  You never cease to tickle my whimsy and your holiday offerings this year are no exception.  Like this sexy boy massage bar, I don't know if I would necessarily classify this particular boy as sexy - will he vacuum the house or take out the garbage?  That would be hot!  What?  He'll help me take a bath in peace and quiet and won't make me sit on the side against the tap?  You got me, that is sexy!  And at $7.95, cheaper than an escort!

 Snow Fairy Shower Gel - I must admit, I have been hearing about this stuff for years but every time I have gone to LUSH to try and smell it, it was sold out.  They only sell it at Christmas and apparently the snoozing and losing message applies here.  I finally got my nose on it this week and I would describe it for you here, but then I read the description on the website and will use that instead: "Sparkly, candy floss pink, sweet-as-sugar shower gel for fruity, fluffy fairies".  You can't make this stuff up...  But I will concur, it is super sweet, if you like being a fruity, fluffy fairy, you will love this.
Candy Cane Bubble Bar - Not sure why they call it "candy cane" as that name has me expecting mint.  This smell is more vanilla and is amazing!  If you have tried their other bubble bars then you know how great they are and if you haven't, what the heck are you waiting for?!  Make sure you have Santa leave one (or more) of these in your stocking this year!
I must admit, I don't buy a lot of LUSH, mostly for the reason that people love it, everything is made fresh and has EXPIRY dates!  When I picked up the Snow Fairy I noticed it expires December 2010 so I asked the girl, what happens after that date?  And she said that's 2010, not 2009.  Like I should be able to use a bottle of shower gel in a year - lady you have no idea who you are dealing with here!  If you only knew the vast quantity of shower gel in my closet... now I have the added pressure of one that expires, I have no idea how I deal...  But anyhow, I don't buy a lot for myself but it is a great place for gifts, so I do utilize it often for that.  Although I don't know how the salesgirls can work there - I go into olfactory overload within 15 minutes of being in the store which I'm sure would eventually turn into a full-on migraine if I stayed longer then that.  Don't get me wrong, I think the store smells great, but only in limited doses!

- Lisamarie -

October 27, 2009

Sexiness for Everyone - Liaison Dangereuse Lingerie Really Thinks so.

Watch their online commercial: Miriam Wimmer im Dessous Video von liaison-dangereuse.com

A bit of controversy has never hurt anyone, right? How about a bit of religious controversy? Now, that's a bit more risky. I came across this cute commercial for Liaison Dangereuse, a german lingerie online store, while reading a fashion blog and liked it.

Some people may be offended, well too bad for them. Arab women actually love splurging on lingerie. The Burqa debate is a different debate altogether. I don't want to start writing about the Burqa here because I'd never stop and you'd fall asleep or worse, you'd kill me.


Note: the Youtube video has been removed, just click on the Liaison Dangereuse link to view the original or here.

The most wonderful time of the year, they're not kidding!

There are many things I love about the holiday season - cookies, eggnog, spiked eggnog - but really what I love most are all the wonderful sets and palettes that all of the cosmetic companies put out.  My friends at Smashbox have done themselves proud again this year with their Holiday 2009 WISH sets and I got a look for myself at Shoppers Drug Mart this past weekend.  My fave:  This lipgloss set, and at $33 a total steal!  A regular gloss by itself is normally $22 and this set gives you 2 full sized and 4 smaller glosses, ranging in colour from beigy pink to berry, fab!

You probably know by now that anything pink is good with me and this travel brush set is adorable!  A little pricier at $56, but Smashbox makes such good quality (and expensive) brushes that this is still a good deal.  I don't know if I will be picking this up or not, I don't travel and at home I prefer a long handle on my brushes, but don't think I'm not tempted simply for the colour!  If you do travel, this would be a great set for you or of course, a nice present for the pink-addict in your life.
Lastly, the eye pencil set (in silver, peacock, black, purple and bronze).  I find it a treat when Smashbox does pencils as they aren't part of their normal line.  The set they had with the spring Muse Artist line were great, so I have high hopes for these guys.  And at $36, you can't beat the price! 
I have seen these, as well as other holiday sets from Smashbox at other places such as Sephora but these three are the ones that really caught my eye.  I think it would be wrong to play favourites and I should just get them all, don't you think?!  And I can feel good about it, $1 from every WISH set sold will go to the Children's Miracle Network!
- Lisamarie -

October 26, 2009

Are You Ready for Jimmy?

Alright, alright, it's not exactly breaking news. The collaboration between Jimmy Choo and H&M was announced a while ago, but I just stumbled across the pictures of these beauties and wanted to share my excitement! The new collection will be available on November 14th and to my relief, all the Choo shoes will be made with leather. The featured outfits and purses are also part of the exclusive collection.

I will beat you up with my stilettos, I will scratch your cute little face if I have to, but I will get one pair! These shoes are mine, mine, mine. You have been warned.


What kind of animal doesn't love Hello Kitty?!?

If you've been following the blog on a somewhat regular basis - you've figured out by now that not only does Christelle enjoy mocking me, she especially enjoys mocking my love for all that is Hello Kitty.  I understand she is a cold hearted biatch who just doesn't get it, but there are obviously many people out there that don't share her view as I am constantly being amazed by the vast variety of Hello Kitty merchandise - it would probably be easier to list the things that can't be obtained with the Kitty on them.  This toaster is a particular favourite of mine, I will probably get one now just so I can make Christelle toast every day.  I will point out now that this post is to get back at her for this...  So let's all enjoy a stroll down my Hello Kitty memory lane.

It was a happy, happy day for me when the fates conspired to have my two favourite things combine, of course I am talking about cosmetics and Hello Kitty.  The MAC Hello Kitty line was every kind of awesome!  I wasn't sure how I felt about HK going so dark and edgy, but for a line like MAC, it worked.  Of course I bought almost everything in the line (except for the stuffed animal, that was kind of creepy)... I made Christelle go with me when it launched, she was suitably horrified.

And just when you thought the excitement had ended, along came Kitty Kouture which combined my three favourite things, cosmetics, Hello Kitty and sparkles!

And being the spoiled thing that I am, this is what I got for Christmas last year!  It became quite the e-bay ordeal to track one down that wasn't fake as Neiman Marcus wouldn't ship it to Canada.  Not quite the same as the Kimora Lee Simmons collection at Neiman Marcus, but for Canadians who can't get their hands on it -  People's Jewellers does have a much more affordable line of fine jewelry, with new pieces appearing periodically. 

This is from the People's line that I got for my anniversary.
I could go on all day but I think Christelle gets the point; Hello Kitty is here to stay!

- Lisamarie -

October 24, 2009

Take that Crazy Designer Outfit and Wear It for Halloween!

Who needs Halloween costumes when you can wear designer clothes and keep people guessing what your outfit is all about ?

Here are my 3 picks for a slightly different approach to Halloween:

1 - The Hello Kitty dress (worn by Lady Gaga in a shoot celebrating Hello Kitty's 35th birthday). I'm not a fan of Hello Kitty AT ALL, but recycling all the Hello Kitty cuddly toys on one dress is very green (it also means all these HK eyesores are concentrated in one place, and therefore easier to avoid). And you know what? Recycling+Hello Kitty = Lisamarie will be wearing this dress soon at a dysfunctional function near you.

 2 - The Second Skin jumpsuit. It makes you look like the woman...that you already are. Very classy. You can look naked without being naked! Your priest/pastor/rabbi would approve (worn here by Anouck Lepere for Dazed and Confused, photo by Magnus Unnar).

 3- The futuristic garment. When in doubt, you can always wear these Gareth Pugh outfits again, from last season. You could be a depressed harlequin or a sort of half horse/half building creature. Nobody will dare telling you it's not a costume!

I quite fancy the Gareth Pugh's architectural dress for myself, but I don't think I can afford it, just yet. I guess, I'll have to settle for a more traditional getup for Halloween.


October 23, 2009

Sienna Miller Dresses for The New York Jungle

Is it a dress? Or a shiny tablecloth, torn by all the angry New York women whose husbands have been sleeping with Sienna Miller?

Do people actually spend money on such designs? Is this supposed to be Recession Chic, maybe? I could find a better dress in a goodwill shop. Hell, my 5 year-old niece could make a better dress than this.

I will remind you that Sienna Miller is also a "designer" (who isn't, these days?) And what's even worse... She wore this "Jane of the Jungle" cloth at the opening of her Broadway show.

Yeah, seriously.

Nice legs, though.

Note: You know what sucks more than Sienna Miller's dress? -What do you mean "it's not possible?"- Sienna Miller's Broadway show.


Blah. Toronto Fashion Week. Blah. Yawn.

Oh Dear.

Are you excited by the Toronto Fashion Week yet? No? Yeah, I didn't think so. When half the runway shows are presented by Project Runway Canada contestants, it's hard to feel excited. It's a bit like buying frozen food and pretending it's fine dining. Don't get me wrong, some of these designers are talented (Evan Biddell, Sunny Fong) and I did enjoy the show (Iman is awesome) but is there any other way to get discovered than Reality TV?
Surely, not all the designers worthy of Fashion Week in Canada end up on Project Runway. So where is the rest?

The LG Fashion Week has also exciting events such as "VIA Rail announcement", runway shows from SEARS and unknown Romanian designers. Wow. I don't know about you, guys, but I would totally buy tickets to see SEARS crappy clothes on display in a fashion show, instead of going to the mall. The lights, the music, it makes it all worthwhile.

My favorite Project Runway Canada contestant was showing his latest collection too. You know the "designer" who had never heard of YVES SAINT-LAURENT, the one and only: Brandon R. Dwyer. Pouffy skirts, boring designs and ugliness galore. He's definitely not the next Yves Saint-Laurent.

I'm sure there are many talented designers out there who could show at this Fashion Week, but by looking at the sorry state of this event, there is a lot of work to do in terms of training and promoting Canadian designers. The LG Toronto Fashion Week ends tonight.


October 22, 2009

You might clutch at straws, I clutch at handbags baby!

My daytime handbag is huge, there could be small children trapped in there and I wouldn't know anything about it.  At night however I like to be a little more footloose and fancy free with a handsome man on one arm (I mean my husband of course) and a bag big enough for a lipstick and compact on the other!  This is why I love me a clutch.  In every style, shape and colour imaginable, there is a clutch out there for everyone.  Granted, there are some god awful ugly ones - anything by Judith Leiber comes to mind - sorry Judith, but I have to agree with Carrie on this one, that was a terrible gift for Big to give her. Or the 2008 'It' clutch from Burberry that brought fugly to new levels.  But I'm here to tell you that there are lots of lovely ones out there too.  Here are some of my faves this year:
The Gigi small clutch from Nine West - this sequin covered beauty is actually on sale right now for $65!
Michael Kors Webster clutch in Amethyst - love the gold hardware! $148 US.

Jeanne Lottie and I couldn't pick just one, so here are my top 3:  Snakeskin clutch and it has the most adorable pink lining! $80, Ruffle clutch what can I say, it has ruffles! $100, Evening clutch and it comes in 4 colours $55.

A present from fellow Canadian Jeanne Lottie would make a great present for the vegan fashionista on your list - her bags are all made from non-animal materials!

- Lisamarie -