July 31, 2018

Revlon ColorStay Full Cover Foundation

Revlon ColorStay Full Cover Foundation - 30ml - $21.99 - in 16 shades: Ivory, Buff, Nude, Natural Beige, True Beige, Sand Beige, Medium Beige, Natural Tan, Warm Golden, Early Tan, Toast, Mahogany, Natural Ochre, Almond, Caramel, Rich Ginger - a full-coverage foundation that wears up to 24 hours.

What surprises me is for a full cover foundation the formula is so lightweight - with a whipped texture that’s easy to apply and seamlessly blends into skin without caking or weighing you down but still covers everything for a flawless, even look. And because it's so pigmented, it also mixes great with moisturizer if you want sheerer coverage that will still cover and even skin out!

Available at drug and mass retailers across Canada.

- Lisamarie -

Test Driving - CND Shellac Luxe!

I have a somewhat sad admission to make - I've never had a Shellac manicure before! I like the idea of a long-lasting, chip free manicure in theory but the removal sounded so difficult and time consuming that I just couldn't be bothered. No longer an issue thanks to CND Shellac Luxe - a 2-step system which offers fast and easy removal in just 60 seconds with absolutely no nail damage!
In 65 shades: 50 of them match CND Shellac's most loved colours along with 15 exclusive new brand shades inspired by luxury and high-fashion runway trends: Femme Fatale, Satin Slippers, Aurora, Silhouette, Boheme, Whisper, Brazen Vivant, Chandelier, Grace, Charm, Liberte, Black Cherry, Temptation, Phantom, Wildfire, Masquerade, Oxblood, Decadence, Brick Knit, Lobster Roll, Mambo Beat, Hollywood, Rouge Rite, Dark Lava, Tinted Love, Electric Orange, Cake Pop, Be Demure, Lavender Lace, Bink Bikini, Tropix, Magenta Mischief, Rose Bud, Tutti Frutti, Grapefruit Sparkle, Pink Pursuit, Pink Leggins, Hot Pop Pink, Cream Puff, Romantique, Beau, Negligee, Field Fox, Studio White, Satin Pajamas, Nude Knickers, Uncovered, Unmasked, Rock Royalty, Midnight Swim, Fedora, Dark Dahlia, Black Pool, Indigo Frock, Eternal Midnight, Aqua-intance, Creekside, Blue Eyeshadow, Winter Nights, Palm Deco, Alpine Plum, Ice Bar, Dark Diamonds, Patina Buckle
So here it is after just over a week - you can see where it's grown out from the cuticle but what you don't see is any chips! It doesn't photograph as well as it could but it is also still impressively shiny - without my having added any additional top coat!

Best of all, I can get it removed at the salon when I go to get my next gel manicure or I can wrap my nails in cotton pads soaked in acetone and cover in tin foil for 60 seconds and remove it myself! To remove at home - firmly press on the top of each nail, massage and twist the wrap from the nail while encasing the product within the wrap and gently remove any remaining product with an orangewood stick - easy peasy!

Get your amazing CND Shellac Luxe manicure at salons across Canada - check out www.cnd.com to find one near you.

- Lisamarie -

July 30, 2018

No 7 Early Defence Glow Activating Serum

Skin looking a little dull and lackluster? Get it's glow back with:

No 7 Early Defence Glow Activating Serum - 30ml - $31 - delivers glowing, healthier looking skin in just 7 days while it boosts skin's defenses against pollution and visibly reducing first fine lines which helps keep it looking young. The formula is chock-full of skin-loving ingredients including: vitamin C and ginseng - restores radiance and leaves skin looking energized and glowing; rice peptides - calms skin's reactivity to internal and external stressors; patented antioxidant complex - protects skin from environmental stressors like pollution by neutralizing damaging free radicals; salicylic acid - promotes skin's cell renewal process to unclog pores and increase skin radiance; and matrixyl 3000 plus - helps reduce the first signs of skin aging.

After just 1 week - skin is glowing and healthier looking and skin's natural renewal process is boosted to help clear and refine pores while in the long term - skin is protected against pollution and environmental stressors to keep skin looking younger for longer.

Available now at Shoppers Drug Mart stores across Canada and online at beautyboutique.ca.

- Lisamarie -

Mascara Monday - It Cosmetics Superhero Elastic Stretch Volumizing Mascara

It Cosmetics Superhero Elastic Stretch Volumizing Mascara - $32 -gives lashes the appearance of volume, length, and elastic stretch in just one coat.
Powerful lash-lifting polymers, volumizing collagen, strengthening biotin, proteins, and peptides combined with super black pigment and the Lash-Changing Power Brush work together to coat every lash from base to tips with proprietary Elastic Stretch Technology that stretches the look of lashes wider and longer and wraps each individual lash in a volume-boosting, lengthening, ultra-conditioning coat of support and colour for the strongest, thickest, most defined results. 
Lashes are lifted and separated to create a fuller lash line and to ensure that no lash is left behind. 
What's really nice about it is they don't just say the formula is super-buildable, it actually is - go ahead and add as many coats as you like - your lashes won't become all stiff and gross just super dramatic!

Available at Sephora, sephora.ca and itcosmetics.ca.

- Lisamarie -

July 27, 2018

Oils great for hair, face and body from Schwarzkopf, Pai Skincare and The Body Shop!

Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair Oil Nutritive Weightless Oil - 150ml - $9.99 - with frizz-fighting and weightless, non-greasy nourishment for fine to normal hair, especially longer hair prone to split ends. The non-greasy formula with 8 beauty oils and keratin not only nourishes the hair, but also deeply repairs stressed hair structure, for fewer split ends.

Available at drugstores across Canada.

Pai Skincare Rosehip Bioregenerate Oil - 30ml - $40 - contains a highly concentrated blend of organic rosehip fruit and seed oil - rich in omegas to help regenerate skin and beta-carotene - acts as an antioxidant, helping to provide protection against free radicals such as UV light and pollution. With regular use, it deeply conditions skin, improving firmness and elasticity and promoting a clear, even skin tone, as well it can be used to improve: dry patches, flaky patches, blemishes, dull skin tone, fine lines, scars, and sun damage.

Available at Murale and select Shoppers Drug Mart BeautyBoutique locations across Canada.
The Body Shop Spa Of The World French Lavender Relaxing Massage Oil - 170ml - $20 - with lavender essential oil from the south of France which has a natural relaxing scent which promotes a sense of well-being and soothes body and mind.

Available at The Body Shop locations across Canada and online at thebodyshop.ca.

- Lisamarie -

July 26, 2018

Cool down with refreshing summer bodycare from L'Occitane!

Looking for a way to feel cool and smell great this summer? You can't go wrong with the L'Occitane Verbena and Citrus Verbena Collections - both with some great new products!

Citrus Verbena Refreshing Exfoliating Sugars - 175g - $44 - gently exfoliates the skin, softening and refreshing. Enriched with menthol and verbena extract from Provence, it intensely refreshes the skin, leaving behind a delicate, zesty, invigorating scent.

Citrus Verbena Hair & Body Mist - 50ml - $19 - provides an instant feeling of freshness, enriched with cooling menthol with a light and non-sticky mist that is the perfect compliment to a summer day!

Citrus Verbena Moisturizing Body Foam - 150ml - $34 -  an amazing chantilly-like foam that moisturizes and refreshes the skin through a voluptuous and soft texture enriched with verbena extract.

Verbena Fresh Shower Gel - 250ml - $22 - cleanses the skin and provides an intense feeling of freshness

Verbena Icy Body Gel - 150ml - $44 - a moisturizing body gel that melts on the skin and helps provide an instant feeling of coolness that hydrates and refreshes the skin - for an even more intense ice-cube effect, can be kept in the fridge before use!

Verbena Icy Fragrance Touch - 14ml - $24 -  a pocket-size, ultra-fresh, mentholated gel to apply to warm body points for an instant icy effect and easily travels with you in a pocket or purse.

Available now at L'Occitane stores across Canada and online at  https://ca.loccitane.com.

- Lisamarie -

Quo Lip Balm & Scrub

Fix up wind and sun damaged lips and make them soft and smooth with:

Quo Lip Balm & Scrub - 2 x 3g -  $14 - in 3 flavours: Watermelon, Mango and Pomegranate - in a double sided jar - one side contains a gentle exfoliator to smooth out lips while the other side contains a  balm containing shea butter, jojoba, rose hip oil and avocado oil to help seal in moisture and soften - and as an added bonus, leave them smelling delicious!

Available exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart stores across Canada.

- Lisamarie -

July 25, 2018

Eye Love Wednesday - Avon Rose Gold Eyelash Curler

Easiest thing you can do to create a wide, bright-eyed effect - before applying mascara, curl your lashes - and there's no reason your curler can't be beautiful as well as functional!

Avon Rose Gold Eyelash Curler - $8 - in beautiful rose goldtone carbon steel with a soft pad to prevent pinching and pulling for optimal and long-lasting lash curl and finger pads on handles for better control.

Available from your Avon rep - 1-800-265-AVON or online at avon.ca.

- Lisamarie -

This week I'm obsessed with... La Roche-Posay Hyalu B5 Serum!

Aging may be a fact of life, but that doesn't mean you can't age well! Around age 25, skin starts lacking the same bounce and elasticity and past the age of 30, there is a general loss of skin’s volume and fullness - meaning it's time for a little:

La Roche-Posay Hyalu B5 Serum - 30ml - $49 - re-plumps skin and targets loss of volume and wrinkles thanks to a unique pro-skin recovery formula containing two dermatological molecules - hyaluronic acid and correcting vitamin B5 that take care of three anti-aging actions: replumping, correcting and boosting - formulated for even the most sensitive skin, to help give it back it's youthful plumpness and glow.

Use it morning and night, alone if your skin is combination to oily or dry skin can use it in combination with another anti-aging/moisturizing product.

Available at drugstores across Canada and online at laroche-posay.ca.

- Lisamarie -

July 24, 2018

Get the perfect flush with the perfect blush from Stellar!

Stellar Cosmic Blush - $30 - in 3 shades: Beam - bright pink, Eclipse - burnished coppery peach and Flare - coral pink - that offer a translucent wash of pigment with incandescent glimmer and a long-wearing, natural flush of colour and glow that glides on smoothly, builds easily and offers long wear to enlivens every skin tone.

I can't begin to tell you how much I am loving it - I don't normally even bother with blush in the summer because I've never found one before that had the perfect amount of glow without being too shiny or sparkly - but this one is perfect - think of it as an illuminating blush!

Flare is my favourite but let's face it, they are all really nice shades, no doubt I will end up with all three before long...

Available at Sephora and sephora.ca.

- Lisamarie -

July 23, 2018

Get skin that glows with Rodial Vit C Brightening!

Rodial introduces a line of super luminous products - Vit C Brightening - infused with highly concentrated actives that retexture and revitalize skin to reveal a smoother, brighter and youthful complexion!

Rodial Vit C Brightening Mask - 50ml - $110 - a lightweight gel mask that gives dull skin a youthful looking luminosity. Infused with 5% pure vitamin C - to boost luminosity, smooth and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and age spots to even skin tone; a blend of 10% exfoliating fruit AHAs - to boost moisture levels and gently exfoliate resurfacing the complexion to reveal glowing skin; glycolic and lactic acid - to  retexture and renew skin; and pomegranate extract - an anti-aging antioxidant that protects skin.

Rodial Vit C Energising Face Mask - 4 x 20ml - $60 -  Korean bio-cellulose masks chock full of ingredients to reveal brighter, younger looking skin including: vitamin C - boosts luminosity and evens skin tone; vitamin B3 - reduces the appearance of fine lines; amino acids - energizes and smoothes the skin for a youthful looking complexion; hyaluronic acid - increases moisture levels in the skin; and green tea - soothes and calms the complexion.

Rodial Vit C Brightening Cleanser - 135ml - $65 - an intensive, non-abrasive daily gel facial cleanser that improves skin texture and brightens the complexion with a complex combination of vitamin C - brightens and evens skin tone; fruit AHAs - increases moisture absorption and gently exfoliates; glycolic and lactic acid - retextures and renews skin; and blood orange water - antioxidant and anti-free radical to purify pores - for skin that is more even toned and brighter with a more refined complexion providing a youthful glow.

Rodial Vit C Brightening Cleansing Pads - 50 pads - $56 - gives skin a shot of glow serum whilst resurfacing and retexturising the face with deep cleansing pads that brighten skin with a formulation of pure vitamin C - brightens and evens skin tone; 1% fruit AHAs - boosts moisture levels in the skin and gently exfoliates; glycolic and lactic acid - retextures and renews skin; 0.5% salicylic acid - refines pores to reduce and prevent blemishes

Available now at Murale stores across Canada.

- Lisamarie -

July 20, 2018

Visit your own little bit of Paradise with COLAB Dry Shampoo!

COLAB Dry Shampoo Paradise - 200ml - $9.99 - keeps hair feeling clean for longer - featuring a weightless, invisible formula and leaves behind a fabulous veil of a totally tropical, coconut scent - perfect for all hair types that need an instant boost and has amazing oil absorption without any white residue.

It's easy to use - just shake well, hold the can 20cm from dry hair and spray into roots - then massage through with fingertips, brush and you're done!

Don't like coconut, no worries there is a whole range of ready-to-wear dry shampoos including:

Invisible, Active Invisible and Extreme Volume - in Original, Paris, New York and Rio scents.

Available at Lawtons Drugs, London Drugs and select Brunet, Familiprix, Guardian, IDA, Pharma Plus, Pharmasave, Rexall and Uniprix stores across Canada.

- Lisamarie -

July 19, 2018

Go coco-nuts for Nair Sensitive Coconut!

Take the worry out of sensitive skin hair removal with Nair Sensitive Coconut! Designed with sensitive skin in mind, each product is infused with 100% natural coconut oil plus vitamin E and are also dye-free, paraben-free and dermatologist tested to gently remove hair and leave your skin nourished and smooth. Plus, it lasts longer than traditional shaving!

The new Nair Sensitive Coconut line-up includes:

Nair Glides Away Sensitive Coconut - 93g - $11.99 - great for bikini area, arms and underarms - with a unique, deodorant-like application stick that offers a quick, easy and touch-free alternative to other removers. The dye and paraben free formula is infused with 100% natural coconut oil and vitamin E to gently remove hair  and leave skin smooth for up to 6 days while nourishing the skin and contains odour neutralizing technology with a comforting coconut scent so you don't stink up the bathroom!

Nair Wax-Ready Strips Sensitive Coconut - 32 strips + 3 finishing wipes - $11.99 - specially designed for bikini and underarm hair removal, these ready-to-use wax strips are made with a breakthrough cold wax technology that delivers salon like results at home without the need for warming or rubbing. The formula contains nourishing coconut milk oil to soothe delicate, sensitive skin, while removing even the shortest hair for up to 4 weeks.

Nair Shower Power Sensitive Coconut - 312g - $17.99 - a quick and easy in-shower application for the body and lets that delivers smooth skin for up to 6 days! Includes a specially designed sponge - for effective hair removal and a 100% natural coconut oil and vitamin E formula that is dye and paraben-free for gentler hair removal and that much-needed odour neutralizing technology with a comforting coconut scent.

Available at drug, grocery and mass retailers across Canada.

- Lisamarie -

Infuse lips with moisture with Nude By Nature lipgloss and lipstick - including swatches!

Nude By Nature Moisture Infusion Lipgloss - $21 - in 10 shades: Bare, Peach Nude, Coral Blush, Tea Rose, Blush Beige, Spice, Dusk, Violet Pink, Crimson Pink, Soft Rose - with a non-sticky texture that smooths and enhances lips with vibrant glossy colour and weightless shine. The lipgloss is formulated with unique moisturizing microspheres to help repair and plump the lips for a naturally voluminous look and is infused with active natural ingredients including nourishing shea butter, vitamin E and the native Australian Kakadu Plum to help provide antioxidant defense.
Tea Rose
Nude By Nature Moisture Shine Lipstick - $23 - in 10 colour-rich shades: Bare Pink, Nude, Dusty Rose, Blush Pink, Pale Coral, Dusky Nude, Deep Plum, Garnet, Rosewood, Mulberry - with a silky feel, luminous shine and smooth, creamy texture that combines active natural ingredients including vitamin E and the native Australian Kakadu Plum to help provide antioxidant defense - and is enriched with nourishing shea butter, jojoba oil and unique moisturizing microspheres to provide a lightweight and comfortable wear.

Something for both of my personalities - demure gloss or bold lipstick - either way - there is so much moisture and shine!

Available exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart stores across Canada.

- Lisamarie -

July 18, 2018

Eye Love Wednesday - BeautyLash Tinting Kit For Brows & Lashes

BeautyLash Tinting Kit For Brows & Lashes - $34.99 - in 4 shades: Black, Dark Brown - for medium to dark brown hair, Medium Brown - for dark blonde to light brown hair, Light Brown - for light hair - a simple and safe, 2-step process that tints eyelashes - to make them more visible and look longer and eyebrows - to enhance and define - in just 3 minutes. The tint also covers up those pesky greys, addes shine, lasts up to 6 weeks and is smudge and water resistant!

The kit is enough for 8 applications and includes:

1 tube Colour Gel - 3.5ml
1 tube Developer Gel - 3.5ml
1 Application Stick
1 Tinting Brush
16 Eye Protection Papers

Available at Trade Secrets stores across Canada and online at tradesecrets.ca.

- Lisamarie -

This week I'm obsessed with... Avon Anew Ultimate Gold Peel-Off Mask!

Ever had the urge to channel Bond Girl, Jill Masterson, with all that shiny, golden skin (but less dead)?!

Avon Anew Ultimate Gold Peel-Off Mask - 100ml - $39 - with vitamin B3 and botanical extracts known to reduce the look of age spots while lifting, tightening and soothing skin.

It's easy to use - just apply a thin, even layer over cleansed face and leave on until dry (about 15 minutes) - spend that time strolling around the house amazing family members and scaring pets. Then gently peel off - extra points if you can peel off all in one piece - and rise with warm water - now admire the glow!

Available now from your Avon rep - 1-800-265-AVON or online at avon.ca.

- Lisamarie -

July 17, 2018

Click, cover and correct with the Beautycounter Touchup Skin Concealer Pen!

Beautycounter Touchup Skin Concealer Pen - $40 - in 5 shades: Fair, Light, Medium 1, Medium 2 and Dark -  a buildable, medium-coverage concealer that works on dark circles, redness and other imperfections and stays put for long-lasting, flawless wear. In addition to providing flawless coverage, it’s formulated with knotgrass extract to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and photoaging - so skin looks firmer, brighter, and instantly more even.

I like the click-pen design and brush applicator which makes it easy to apply just the right amount exactly where needed.

Available online and through independent consultants - check out www.beautycounter.com for more info.

- Lisamarie -

Essie Soda Pop Collection - with swatches!

Essie is serving up a taste of sweet retro style with their Soda Pop Collection - with 4 new shades and 2 former favourites that are an homage to the youth culture of the 1950s:
Go With The Flowy - pale blue with a shimmery undertone
S'il Vous Play - metallic, shimmery pink 
Out Of The Jukebox - light creamsicle orange shimmer
Pin Me Pink - retro bubblegum pink cream
Drive-In & Dine - decadent raspberry purple cream
Cherry On Top - candy apple red cream

Available now at beauty destinations across Canada for $9.99 each.

- Lisamarie -

July 16, 2018

Summer skincare made easy with SkinCeuticals!

I don't know about you but I tend to get a bit lazy with my skin in the summer - my skin gets oily so I don't tend to moisturize as much - to be honest, I try to do as little as possible - so if I only use 3 things on my skin this summer, these would be a great choice:

My most important summer skincare step is sunscreen - this one is nice and light so doesn't feel like it's clogging up my pores and has a bit of a tint to even things out - especially great since I usually want to skip foundation:

SkinCeuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50 - 30ml - $46.00 -
a sheer, tinted sunscreen fluid with 100% mineral filters to provide broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection, while promoting natural radiance and a more even skin tone without a white cast and is water resistant for up to 40 minutes.

I don't usually bother with a moisturizer in the summer but I still want something super-light on my skin working hard to make it look better - the addition protection benefits are a big bonus:

SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF - 30ml - $175.00 - a daytime vitamin C antioxidant face serum that delivers advanced environmental protection and remains effective for a minimum of 72 hours - it  neutralizes damaging free radicals, improves the appearance of discolouration to even out overall skin tone and diminishes the appearance of fine lines.

At the end of the day I want to make sure to remove all that dirt, sweat, makeup and sunscreen that my skin has accumulated:

SkinCeuticals LHA Cleansing Gel - 240ml - $49.00 - an exfoliating gel cleanser that removes excess oil and makeup as it decongests pores, smoothes skin texture and brightens skin with a blend of salicylic acids to address breakouts and visible signs of aging.

Prefer a cream cleanser? Then check out SkinCeuticals Gentle Cleanser my absolute favourite cleanser for taking off sunscreen!

Available at SkinCeuticals dermaspas and online at SkinCeuticals.ca.

- Lisamarie -

Mascara Monday - Marcelle Ultimate Volume Infinity Mascara

Marcelle Ultimate Volume Infinity Mascara - $12.95 - offers infinite root-to-tip volume with a hypoallergenic and fragrance free formula.
The innovative infinity-shaped brush volumizes each lash from root to tip.
With an exclusive intense black formula that is meant to be layered for a bigger, bolder look that won't flake.
For such a big brush it's really easy to use and I had no problem even getting at my lower lashes with it without making any mess!

Available at drugstores across Canada and online at marcelle.com.

- Lisamarie -

July 14, 2018

Purify and detoxify summer skin with a mask from Neutrogena, Life Brand and Montagne Jeunesse!

Neutrogena Deep Clean Purifying 100% Hydrogel Mask - 30g - $3.99 - instantly hydrates and  refreshes skin with something so not your typical paper mask: it has 100% hydrogel material with seaweed extract that contains 50% more essence than ordinary paper masks, contours to the skin and seals in the formula for optimal absorption leaving skin purified with a healthy glow.

It's easy to use, just apply the gel mask to your face and leave on for 15 to 30 minutes. Remove the mask and massage remaining product into face and neck, then rinse with water.

Available at drug and mass retailers across Canada.
Life Brand Detoxifying Mud Mask - 15ml - $1.99 - with a paraben formula containing a special blend of minerals and herbal extracts including Montmorillonite clay, charcoal and ivy extract to detoxify and purify skin.

Available exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart stores across Canada.
Montagne Jeunesse 7th Heaven Charcoal + Black Sugar Peel Off Mask - 10ml - $1.99 - with  cleansing purified activated Charcoal to draw out deep down dirt and impurities mixed with a spoonful of black sugar to revitalise, hydrate and smooth skin along with witch hazel to soothe for glowing skin that feels squeaky clean and sensationally soft.

Available at select Brunet, Familiprix, Guardian, IDA, Jean Coutu, Lawtons Drugs, Pharma Choice, Pharma Plus, Pharmasave, Rexall, Uniprix and Value Drug Mart stores across Canada.

- Lisamarie -

July 13, 2018

Summer frizz fighters from John Frieda, Wella and Pantene!

John Frieda Frizz Ease Forever Smooth Shampoo & Conditioner - 250ml - $12.99 - anti frizz products designed for medium-thick and wavy-curly hair types, but suitable for all levels of frizz - with groundbreaking Frizz Immunity Complex - penetrates hair fibers, working from the inside out to help combat the porosity of frizzy, dry and damaged hair while building an internal barrier and frizz immunity with every use.

Infused with a blend of pure coconut oil and conditioning agents to help improve hair’s texture and manageability while fighting the onset of frizz. Paired together, they offer noticeably smoother hair with continued use.

Available at drug and mass retailers across Canada.
Wella EIMI Flowing Form Anti-Frizz Smoothing Balm - 100ml - $18.95 - formulated to reduce frizz and help protect hair against dehydration while using hot tools to create luxurious smoothness with flexible control and natural movement.

Available now at professional salons across Canada - check out www.wella.com for more info or to find a salon near you.
Pantene Pro-V Seriously Sleek Serum With Argan Oil - 50ml - $8.99 - a frizz-fighting serum that  helps keep frizzy hair sleek and sexy - even in high humidity. With a powerful, lightweight formula that imparts glossy shine and silky softness that doesn't look weighed down.

Available at drug and mass retailers across Canada.

- Lisamarie -

Test Driving - Blitz Facial Bar The O2 Blitz Facial!

I've had a lot of oxygen facials since Madonna made them so popular years back and they have all been pretty much the same thing:
a spray like airbrush in conjunction with a serum providing one result per treatment.

I thought that was the way they were supposed to go but it turns out, not all oxygen facials are created equally! So I visited the wonderful Mati at The Path location of Blitz Facial Bar to try The O2 Blitz!

At Blitz Facial Bar, they do oxygen facials differently, rather then a spray, they use an innovative CO2 organic dermal-grade gel with ingredients such as licorice extract, eucalyptus, ivy, glycerin, sodium bicarbonate and caffeine that delivers oxygen into the dermal layer of the skin triggering red blood cells to release large amounts of oxygen needed to stimulate skin cell renewal along with a specially designed sheet mask.

I'm told oxygen levels in facial tissues naturally decline with age so at its most basic, the O2 facial increases oxygen in the skin, which in turn stimulates circulation to help the deeper layers of the skin take in the high-performance ingredients in the gel.

Once O2 is absorbed into your skin, oxygen-rich blood flows and as a result, cell metabolism is enhanced and oxygenation is greater; effectively delivering much-needed nutrients and hydration.
It's your usual facial up to the gel part - cleaning, massaging, exfoliating: then a thick layer of the oxygenated gel is applied (brrrr, it's cold, they keep it in the fridge!) and a sheet mask is placed over top generating CO2. This creates a sensation of tiny bubbles fizzling over the skin. The cool and tingling feeling means the regenerating effectiveness of the ingredients are reaching the deeper layers of the epidermis - it feels weird but not painful - kind of like pop rocks popping all over your face. And while waiting for it to do it's good work you are treated to a scalp and hand massage - my idea of heaven!

The best thing about this facial is not only does it result in an increase in skin elasticity, wrinkle reduction, skin brightening and luminous skin tone right away but the results continue on for another 10 days - leaving skin tighter, plumper and younger looking - it's the facial that keeps on giving!

The O2 Blitz will set you back $190, lasts an hour, is safe for all skin types, both genders and has no downtime or side effects making it perfect for special events or even as a lunch time facial - now made even easier since Blitz opened the location in The Path - right in downtown Toronto at 65 Queen Street West!

Picking up your Blitz skin products is also very simple - they will make suggestions for you after your facial based on your skin type/concerns and will keep all your choices on file in the computer so you don't have to actually remember what you use, they can remind you when you come.

You can book your facial online at https://blitzfacialbar.com/location-path/ or by phone at 416-365-1200 - or check out blitzfacialbar.com - to find the other 3 locations across Toronto (and the one in Brooklyn, NY)!

- Lisamarie -

July 12, 2018

Make hand washing a sensory experience with Live Clean Foaming Hand Wash!

Washing your hands doesn't need to be boring thanks to:

Live Clean Foaming Hand Wash - 400ml - $4.99 - cleanses hands with a fresh, light foam that creates a rich creamy lather that cleanses perfectly, imparts moisture and rises away easily - in 3 beautiful scents:

Vanilla Bean & Coconut - with certified organic botanicals of vanilla and coconut join aloe vera and vitamin E for a fresh and satisfying wash

White Tea & Cherry - with certified organic botanicals of aloe vera, white tea, chamomile and cherry enriched with vitamin E to leave hands clean and soft

 and my fave - Lemon Mint - with certified organic botanicals of lemon, peppermint, basis and aloe vera in a wonderfully moisturizing, perfectly cleansing wash that will inspire your senses.

All with feel good vegan formulas that contain 98% plant based ingredients and are free of all the crap you don't want or need including:with no SLS, sulfates, petrolatum, phosphate, silicone, phthalate, DEA, parabens or dyes.

Available now at Shoppers Drug Mart, London Drugs, Walmart and Jean Coutu stores across Canada as well as online at amazon.ca and well.ca.

- Lisamarie -

Avon Ture Color Lip Glow Lip Gloss - with swatches!

Avon True Color Lip Glow Lip Gloss - $10 - in 15 shimmer shades: Amber, Estrella, Lightburst, Mercury, Ambiance, Glowgetter, Splendor, Rose Quartz, Socialight, Flame, Twinkle, Daybreak, Aura, Grandeur, Luna; 5 cream shades: Lit, Luster, Spark, Afterglow and Ignite; and 1 clear shade: Stunner - that offer long-lasting shine and a moisturizing formula of chia seed and rose hip oil giving them a comfortable creamy feel.

And make sure you give the shades a chance and don't be scared off by the colour in the tube - Amber looks really dark in the package but goes on super sheer and glow-y and not the least bit sticky!

Available from your Avon rep - 1-800-265-AVON or online at avon.ca.

- Lisamarie -