July 28, 2023

Fragrant Friday - Scentbird - the best in fragrance subscription boxes!

Remember a few years back when subscription boxes were all the rage? I loved them - it was a great way to try new products that I might never have gotten around to because who wants to go all the expense of buying something full sized and hating it?! Sadly, ever increasing Canada Post rates drove most of the subscription services out of business here so I was thrilled to discover a wonderful fragrance service...
Scentbird - offering the perfect way to discover new fragrances without buying a full-sized bottle - and they deliver to Canada! Every month, they deliver a generous sized sample (each bottle is 8ml or about 120+ sprays - enough to apply 4 sprays daily for 30 days) of an authentic designer or niche fragrance of your choice straight to your mailbox! Once you start a subscription, you can browse all of the perfumes on Scentbird’s site and add different fragrances to your queue for future shipments. Each month a fragrance from your queue will be sent to you and if you leave your queue empty, Scentbird will just send you its Fragrance of the Month.
All you have to do now is pick some scents - having this much choice though can be hard! To help with this you can take the Scent Profile quiz which will then recommend a bunch of scents they think you will like. 
Or if you are like me and still find the choice overwhelming there are other fun ways to find fragrances you might like - I went with the Horoscope option which gave me 12 choices for Taurus in 2023 - several of which contained notes that I love - and as it turns out they were excellent choices for me once I smelled them - discover new fragrances is my favourite part - I am especially thrilled receiving English Laundry Oxford Bleu - a brand/fragrance I was not at all familiar with before and now don't want to live without!
No more spending $80+ on a bottle of fragrance that you might not like after the first few uses - the subscription cost is very reasonable: 1 item per month: $16.95 USD, 2 items per month: $27 USD ($13.50 USD per item) 3 items per month: $37 USD ($12.33 USD per item) And you’re not limited to just fragrances - there are also full-size makeup and skincare products for you to choose from as your monthly product selection. There are no hidden fees or shipping costs for subscribers in the USA and its territories. Subscribers in Canada will pay $4.99 USD for shipping.
They also have a great Instagram page - if you are around Monday (August 1st) be sure to tune into DS & Durga x Scentbird Instagram live takeover at 11:45 am EST (8:45 am PST). Come listen to the founders of DS & Durga David Seth Moltz and Kavi Ahuja Moltz talk about their collection, partnership with Scentbird, new product launches, and more.
Your fragrance adventure starts at scentbird.com - enjoy!
- Lisamarie-

July 19, 2023

This week I'm obsessed with... Maelys Get-Dreamy Overnight Toning Body Whip!

Ahhhh summer - of course I love it but it does have a downside - mainly that all of that skin that I got to hide with layers of  winter clothes now gets uncovered - and it may or may not be fit for public viewing... 
Here to help:

Maelys Get-Dreamy Overnight Toning Body Whip - 200ml - $64 - a clinically proven overnight toning whip that helps to smooth and tighten the look of skin, reduce the look of cellulite and reduce skin roughness.
The paraben, SLS and phthalates free formula contains milk thistle & uva-ursi leaf extract to help smooth the look of areas of concern; passion fruit seed oil to provide hydration to the skin and protection from environmental stressors;  and drops of melatonin and valerian to get you you in the sleeping mood. The premise is just to massage it into problem areas before bed and let it do its work while you sleep.

I can't argue with the name, the scent is dreamy and I am thoroughly convinced that it makes me sleepy but it is not a miracle worker that eliminated problem areas while I slept... it did however improve things by making my skin smoother and more moisturized which does help it look better - the cellulite and imperfections aren't gone but they are less noticeable and with regular use I expect to see even more improvement!
Available online at maelyscosmetics.com.
- Lisamarie -