December 13, 2013

Celebrate 12 days of Christmas with 12 days of LUSH bath bombs!

Day 1 - Cinders - $4.95 - evokes the feeling of a glowing fire with cinnamon leaf oil, sweet orange oil and a touch of popping candy so you can get the comforting sound of a crackling fire in your bathtub!
Day 2 - Bombardino - $5.25 - enjoy the smell of rich lemon cheesecake as you bathe thanks to Sicilian lemon oil and Fair Trade vanilla absolute  while softening your skin with cocoa butter - just don't drink the water!
Day 3 - Golden Wonder - $6.95 - drop this gold-dusted gift into a warm bath and watch it explode as golden stars burst in every direction, dissolve into the water and turn the bath water a vibrant blue. With a champagne-like scent of sweet orange oil, cognac oil and lime oil that revives the mind and spirit!
Day 4 - Father Christmas - $6.40 - fizzes around the tub turning the water from bright red to vivid green and filling it with a fruity fragrance of mandarin oil, bergamot oil and orange blossom absolute to stimulate the mind and help banish the winter blues!
Day 5 - Lord of Misrule - $5.95 - slow dissolving with a wine-coloured center and scented with Fair Trade vanilla absolute, spicy black pepper oil and soothing patchouli with some popping candy to get the party started!
Day 6 - Luxury Lush Pud - $6.95 - back with a brand new fragrance of comforting lavender and ylang ylang oil for a soothing and calming bath before bed to help put you to sleep!
Day 7 - Secret Santa - $9.95 - a double layered balm scented with soothing sandalwood, zesty lime and beautiful floral oils to emulate the iconic fragrance of LUSH shops - use the whole thing for a luxurious experience or break it in half to enjoy over two baths!
Day 8 - Snowman - $5.95 - warm and nourishing for the winter months with vanilla and ylang ylang oils and chunks of cocoa butter to moisturize the skin.
Day 9 - Shoot For The Stars - $6.95 - enriching Brazilian orange oil, clarifying bergamot and the creamy scent of honey are combined for a deeply relaxing soak as the stars whizz and swirl around the bathwater!
Day 10 - So White - $6.45 - the outer layer dissolves to reveal a delicate pink center and fragranced with a fresh apple inspired scent of neroli oil and rose absolute that will wrap you in a relaxing blanket of soft, foamy bubbles.
And while not officially bath bombs, these bath melts will make bath time wonderful!

Day 11 - The Melting Snowman - $5.95 - with a spicy and comforting scent of cinnamon, clove leaf and sweet orange oil along with cocoa butter and almond oil to nourish and soften the skin while cinnamon leaf oil invigorates and helps shake of fatigue.
Day 12 - Star Light Star Bright - $6.95 - crush under running water and watch the moisturizing cocoa and shea butter melt to create a soft, creamy bath as a trail of silver luster spreads across the turquoise coloured water. Scented with refreshing ginger and cheery lime oil to give you an extra spark during dreary winter months.

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- Lisamarie -

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