September 25, 2017

Lierac Rosilogie Redness Correction Neutralizing Cream

Redness happens - more often then you might think - whether from external factors like changes in the weather, pollution, hard water, harsh products or cosmetic procedures - or from internal factors like strong emotions, low level of skin tolerance, hormonal changes or even spicy food - fortunately there is now a cream that can deal with all these causes:

Lierac Rosilogie Redness Correction Neutralizing Cream - 40ml - $40 - a treatment cream for reactive skin that immediately comforts and after one month corrects 3 types of redness with 3 active ingredients:

sudden, temporary redness - caused by the response of neurons to aggressions, activating microcirculation - actioned with neuro-calming peptide - regulates the response of neutrons by increasing the skin's level of tolerance;

general redness - caused by a damaged skin barrier; the response of neurons is exacerbated and leads to inflammation - actioned with dextran - reduces inflammation;

and redness with visible blood vessels - in response to inflammation, new blood vessels form, become established and dilate - actioned with butcher's broom - reduces vasodilation and increases the resistance of blood capillaries.

Having been "blessed" with pale skin that becomes red at the drop of a hat, this cream has been a real saviour - not only does it gets rid of the itchy, uncomfortable feeling immediately but I have found that having used consistently for the past few weeks, that my skin doesn't seem to be as reactive to things that it normally would have been!

Available now at Murale and select Shoppers Drug Mart stores across Canada as well as online at

- Lisamarie -

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