March 15, 2019

Test Driving - Phyto RE30 Grey Hair Treatment

Phyto RE30 Grey Hair Treatment - 50ml - $59 - the first anti-grey hair treatment that brings back colour to the hair without using colouring pigments thanks to a revolutionary technology that is able to boost the natural pigment production while protecting from future depigmentation.

The main ingredient in the formula is Peptide RE30 - a patented active ingredient that boosts melanin production at the bulb and helps stimulate the natural pigmentation of hair during regrowth; along with purple tulip extract - which acts on keratin-associated proteins to strengthen hair from the roots.The results are clinically proven: repigmented at the root, for hair that grows back with colour, stronger and softer.

It's easy to use, just apply 8 sprays once a day on dry or wet scalp and don't rinse out - you can rub it into the roots a bit especially at the back where it's harder to aim the spray.

One bottle will last you about a month with daily use - possibly a bit more or less depending on how big your head is and it will take 3 months (3 bottles) to see full results. Don't expect all of the grey to go away but it should be reduced by 77%, so the less grey you have, the better the visible results. And of course you'll have to keep using it to maintain the results so you will need to make it part of your daily routine forever to keep the grey at bay.

I don't have a lot of greys but they are noticeable enough that I tried it out for the 3 months just to see how well it would work and I ended up impressed. By month 2 there were definitely less greys growing in and by month 3, hardly any at all. Of course this would only be really useful if I was  looking to maintain my natural hair colour - since I usually dye it a different shade I might as well keep doing that - less money and effort - but I will say this for the treatment, for the 3 months I was using it my hair smelled great and was so soft!

Available at Shoppers Drug Mart stores across Canada and online at

- Lisamarie -

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