September 16, 2020

This week I'm obsessed with... LastObject LastTissue!

It's kind of hard to remember pre-pandemic days now but in my foggy memories I seem to recall Greta dressing down world leaders and a big push towards eliminating one-use plastics. These days it's disposable masks as far as the eye can see which is a little disheartening. But not everyone is on the use it and toss it bandwagon...

LastObject has come up with a few ways to school a disposable society into reusing things we're all conditioned to see as garbage.

Items include LastRound cotton pads; LastSwab cotton swabs, with both hygenic and beauty options; and my particular fave - LastTissue - 6 tissues in a silicone case - $33 - old timey handkerchiefs for the modern world made from 100% organic cotton.
The case they come in has a clever design - clean tissues are separated from dirty ones and even the case itself can go in the dishwasher. Each tissue can be used and reused 120 times and there is no need to buy the whole thing again - refill packs are available for $17! I recommend washing them before using the first time, I found them a bit scratchy at first but they softened right up after washing - you will also want to throw them into a lingerie/delicates bag or it becomes a treasure hunt trying to find them among your clothes afterwards - and actually after taking a look at the site I realize that they also sell a laundry bag for them ($11) so they obviously already knew this would be a thing!

Available now at

- Lisamarie-

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