June 29, 2022

This week I'm obsessed with (and get it while you can) - Dove Hair Mask + Minerals!

Dove Hair Mask + Minerals - 113g - $10.99 - in two nourishing formula choices infused with minerals to moisturize every strand and leave hair looking as healthy as it feels in just 5 minutes:

+ Pink Clay - to smooth - with 24-hour frizz protection, and infused with pink clay, this frizz reduction hair mask nourishes and smooths flyaways, combating unwanted frizz as it works.  
+ White Clay - to strengthen - helps nourish and strengthen strands damaged by heat, UV rays and everything else we do that can weaken it and cause hair breakage and leaves itn with up to 99% less hair breakage. 

As an added bonus, the containers are made from 100% recycled packaging, so you can care for the environment while you care for your hair – perfect if you're trying to make your self-care more sustainable.
I'm saying get it while you can because I found it on clearance at Walmart which usually means that it's being discontinued - hopefully just reformatted but who knows so I stocked up! I am still finding some online at different places like iHerb.com so that's an option too if your Walmart is all out...

- Lisamarie -

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