September 8, 2023

Fragrant Friday - DS & DURGA I Don't Know What

DS & DURGA I Don’t Know What - 100ml - $300, 50ml - $210, pocket - $75 - a fragrance enhancer with transparent radiance that gives any perfume a certain, as the French say - je ne sais quoi which translates to: I don’t know what - a wonderful tool for anyone who wants to play around with perfume. 
It's like a magic wand for fragrances - sure it can be worn as a modern wonderfully transparent aroma on its own, but it can also be layered over anything. If you like to wear fragrant oils like sandalwood, rose, jasmine, patchouli, oud, etc. - just spray this over them and it turns the oil into a perfume - extending the longevity and enhancing the scent. Or say you have a scent that you don't necessarily care for or has lost some of its power with age - just layer it on top and prepare to be amazed...
It does this because it is made with no notes but instead a secret combination of materials that perfumers use to highlight and enhance notes in a perfume. A Bergamot accord announces freshness, Vetiver Acetate a thin amber, Firsantol a lingering sandalwood, Iso E and Ambrox Super a radiance - together meant to layer and enhance everything else it touches.
I like it a lot on its own but decided to try it out on my nemesis fragrance - Chanel No. 5 - I know it's a classic and there are millions of people out there that love it, I'm just not one of them. It has an old lady smell to me that I just don't love. Somebody gifted me this bottle and I know it was expensive so I just don't have the heart to throw it out so I decided I would try to I Don't Know What it and see if it improved the scent for me. And actually it does - I would be willing to call it classic now instead of old lady - it still has too much floral to it to make it something I would want to wear on a regular basis but it does make it bearable and that is a high compliment for sure!

Available online at - but unless you are sure you want to spring for a full-sized bottle you should check it out on Scentbird - you can get a 30 day supply (0.27 oz vial) as part of your monthly subscription (which is $16.95/month) or as a one time purchase for $31.95 (all prices are in US$). 
And while you are at it check out the other DS & DURGA fragrance which is my current love - Pistachio - a sweet and creamy scent that just makes me happy!

- Lisamarie -

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