September 29, 2009

If Frank Sinatra thought orange is the happiest colour, who am I to argue...?

My dresser top full of perfume bottles will attest to the fact that I love fragrance!  You will probably even notice in my reviews that one of the first things I will comment on about any product is how it smells.  I am very picky when it comes to smells though - not fond of the floral, not big on woody, but man, do I love sweet or fruity!  And when it comes to fruits I especially love me some citrus!

Enter Hugo Boss's new fragrance - Boss Orange.  Which you would think from the name should smell like oranges - but it doesn't actually have any citrus notes in it - just apple.  Also white flower, sandalwood and vanilla.  Lucky for Boss this has enough of a fruity tang to it that I can ignore the flower notes and declare it Lisamarie approved.  And the name has qualified it for the "things I love that are orange" review.  This brings us to #2...

Do you remember the orange drink that McDonald's used to serve?  It was non-carbonated and had an intense orange colour that would dye your tongue and lips. (I loved that stuff! Why did they have to get rid of it?!)  Or even orange kool-aid before they changed it to taste like Tang.  That my friends is what the Satsuma line from The Body Shop smells like, intensely orange!  The Body Shop is my go-to place for scented body products because they understand my deep love for fruit scented stuff and they never disappoint on this.  With every fruit scent they have ever done Satsuma has still got to be my favourite.  It is available as a body gel, lotion, body butter, lip balm and scented oil.  My only wish is that they would introduce a fragrance too!

Number 3 on my hit list is the blood orange + white pepper line from my buddies at Bliss.  If you like the smell of orange, I highly recommend this line as well.  There is just something about the smell of orange in my morning shower that just wakes me up, if you like that kind of thing... Speaking of Bliss, funny story, I just googled them to find the link to add here and I noticed a listing come up for "Bliss Spa" in Toronto.  You can imagine how excited I was and I of course wondered how I could have totally missed out on Bliss opening a spa in Toronto.  Ya, they don't.  Should they ever want to open one, they are going to have an interesting battle getting the name recognition back.  Check out this if you don't know where I'm going with this one.

- Lisamarie -

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  1. Re The Body Shop, the Hemp line smells terrible, avoid!


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