October 24, 2009

Take that Crazy Designer Outfit and Wear It for Halloween!

Who needs Halloween costumes when you can wear designer clothes and keep people guessing what your outfit is all about ?

Here are my 3 picks for a slightly different approach to Halloween:

1 - The Hello Kitty dress (worn by Lady Gaga in a shoot celebrating Hello Kitty's 35th birthday). I'm not a fan of Hello Kitty AT ALL, but recycling all the Hello Kitty cuddly toys on one dress is very green (it also means all these HK eyesores are concentrated in one place, and therefore easier to avoid). And you know what? Recycling+Hello Kitty = Lisamarie will be wearing this dress soon at a dysfunctional function near you.

 2 - The Second Skin jumpsuit. It makes you look like the woman...that you already are. Very classy. You can look naked without being naked! Your priest/pastor/rabbi would approve (worn here by Anouck Lepere for Dazed and Confused, photo by Magnus Unnar).

 3- The futuristic garment. When in doubt, you can always wear these Gareth Pugh outfits again, from last season. You could be a depressed harlequin or a sort of half horse/half building creature. Nobody will dare telling you it's not a costume!

I quite fancy the Gareth Pugh's architectural dress for myself, but I don't think I can afford it, just yet. I guess, I'll have to settle for a more traditional getup for Halloween.


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