October 26, 2009

What kind of animal doesn't love Hello Kitty?!?

If you've been following the blog on a somewhat regular basis - you've figured out by now that not only does Christelle enjoy mocking me, she especially enjoys mocking my love for all that is Hello Kitty.  I understand she is a cold hearted biatch who just doesn't get it, but there are obviously many people out there that don't share her view as I am constantly being amazed by the vast variety of Hello Kitty merchandise - it would probably be easier to list the things that can't be obtained with the Kitty on them.  This toaster is a particular favourite of mine, I will probably get one now just so I can make Christelle toast every day.  I will point out now that this post is to get back at her for this...  So let's all enjoy a stroll down my Hello Kitty memory lane.

It was a happy, happy day for me when the fates conspired to have my two favourite things combine, of course I am talking about cosmetics and Hello Kitty.  The MAC Hello Kitty line was every kind of awesome!  I wasn't sure how I felt about HK going so dark and edgy, but for a line like MAC, it worked.  Of course I bought almost everything in the line (except for the stuffed animal, that was kind of creepy)... I made Christelle go with me when it launched, she was suitably horrified.

And just when you thought the excitement had ended, along came Kitty Kouture which combined my three favourite things, cosmetics, Hello Kitty and sparkles!

And being the spoiled thing that I am, this is what I got for Christmas last year!  It became quite the e-bay ordeal to track one down that wasn't fake as Neiman Marcus wouldn't ship it to Canada.  Not quite the same as the Kimora Lee Simmons collection at Neiman Marcus, but for Canadians who can't get their hands on it -  People's Jewellers does have a much more affordable line of fine jewelry, with new pieces appearing periodically. 

This is from the People's line that I got for my anniversary.
I could go on all day but I think Christelle gets the point; Hello Kitty is here to stay!

- Lisamarie -

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