May 2, 2012

Dove turns your perceptions of beauty on their head!

Have you ever thought about just how much digital re-touching goes into the photos you see in magazines? The upside to the advertiser is that they can correct just about any flaw and make everything look perfect. The downside to the reader is that they have corrected every flaw and made everything looks so perfect that you end up feeling inadequate! And if a perfect looking model in an ad can make me, a grown-ass woman feel inadequate, you can imagine what it must to doing to the self-esteem of young girls!

There have been a few companies that are trying to keep things real - Jacob adopted a no re-touching policy for their model photos back in 2010 and Smashbox recently had a campaign where they used un-retouched photos but those are the only ones I can think of other than of course Dove who have for a long time now made the commitment not to distort any of their images and only casts real women in their advertising campaigns.

The above picture is part of Dove's new print campaign to spark a discussion about how re-touching can distort our perception of beauty - check it out and have your say at and just so you can see how a couple of changes can totally change how you see a picture - check out the same image as above, only turned the other way...
- Lisamarie -


  1. I saw this in a local paper. It tripped me right out til I realized what they did.

    They flipped the eyes & the lips upside down lol

  2. Oh wow looks so weird! It's true though, I don't see what's wrong with not touching up photos, especially for beauty products. Their products can make anyone look gorgeous, so why make us feel worse about ourselves! It'll make us end up hating their products for not making us look "perfect" like their models!

    Great post though! :) xx

  3. I can't help but feel like it's a big gimmick when it comes to Dove. I would probably take it more seriously if they weren't owned by the same parent company as Axe (a brand that's notorious for advertising over sexed gorgeous models mystically drawn to average Joe guys). Yes the ad gets your attention and yes it is bringing awareness to the masses about how much editing going into images for ads - but I think it's the responsibility of parents to tell their children that the images they see on tv and in magazines aren't 100% real.


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