May 8, 2012

Shatter goes high class with Yves Saint Laurent Manucure Couture Les Fauves

Inspired by leopard print - Yves Saint Laurent takes a limited edition stab at the textured nail market with their Manucure Couture Les Fauves - $32 - in 4 colour duos: Duo No 1 - Griffe Doree - baroque evening gold; Duo No 2 - Griffe d'Argent - rock metallic grey; Duo No 3 - Griffe de Sable - trendy ochre; Duo No 4 - Griffe de Jade - casual kahaki - each duo also includes a matte black texture coat to be used on top. Available exclusively at Holt Renfrew.
I admired all the pretty professional pictures but figured my results would be less impressive - I'm no pro!
The gold base has a foil effect and only one coat is needed for total coverage and as with all shatter polishes, just make sure the base coat is good and dry first or you won't get the full shatter effect.
I slapped the matte black shatter coat on expecting the usual lackluster crackle but holy crap was I surprised! This is the coolest shatter I've ever experienced - it really does have the look of leopard print!
I like shine though so I went with a top coat but if you like the matte look, you can skip this step or use a matte top coat.

- Lisamarie -


  1. Wow, the shatter is really intense! Love it! Thanks for sharing :) xx

  2. I'm surprised they came out with a shatter now! It seems like a lot of people are over this trend. But this one does look pretty good!


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