October 7, 2013

Revlon by Marchesa Nail Art 3D Jewel Appliques - fools people into thinking you're a genius!

Nails inspired by couture gowns make perfect sense to Revlon and Marchesa evidenced by the limited edition collection of glamorous nail art hitting stores now...
Revlon by Marchesa Nail Art 3D Jewel Applique - $8.95 - in 8 designs: 24H Brocade, Beaded Couture, Crown Jewels, Evening Garnet, Gilded Mosaic, Jeweled Noir, Royal Burgundy and Silk Rosette - each set contains 18 textured strips that will fit most nail sizes, are easy to apply and won't dry out or stain the nails.

Available for a limited time at drug and mass retailers across Canada.
No big shocker that I went right for the blue with 24K Brocade - the design was a little more conducive to my tiny little nails as well! I don't usually bother testing nail strips out myself but these were just so pretty that I couldn't resist and I actually managed to do a not too bad job of it!

My tip for other ladies with little nails, use them upside down. There is a flatter, wider edge that is meant to go at the cuticle that tapers off to the tip part. The tip end is narrower so I used that end at my cuticle instead which was a better fit for me - that might not work for all of the designs but didn't matter for this one! I should have placed it a little closer to my cuticle on the middle finger but overall I was impressed at how easy it was and how well it turned out.

I've gotten many compliments on them since I applied them with several people actually thinking that it was painted on nail art and not stickers - that's where the "genius" part comes in! I don't bother correcting them, I just look exhausted and say thank you!

- Lisamarie -

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  1. LOL "I just look exhausted and say thank you!" That's a good strategy! Out of all the nail wraps in this collection, this is the one I like the most as well! Nothing goes wrong with a Tiffany blue and some gold!


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