March 28, 2014

Sensitive scalps find relief with Rene Furterer and Kérastase!

Having a sensitive scalp is actually more of a widespread problem then you might imagine but probably shouldn't be surprising as the skin on the scalp is 4X thinner than facial skin and suffers from multiple attacks, like coloring and styling

After dying my hair my scalp always feels itchy and irritated so I thought this duo would be the perfect solution - this time when colouring my hair I used the shampoo and masque the day before - to prepare it, the day of - to soothe it and the day after - to repair it - and this worked to eliminate all irritation!

Rene Furterer Astera Sensitive Scalp High Tolerance Shampoo - 200ml - $30.95 - gently cleanses and maintains the balance of the scalp with a formula rich in active ingredients including asteraceae extract - to strengthen the natural defenses of the scalp and reduces its reactivity; and hamamelis floral water - to protect the scalp and reduce its sensitivity threshold.

Even if your scalp is constantly sensitive, you don't need to use it every day, every other day will do the job and it's even gentle enough to use on children!

Check out to find a salon near you that carries the line.

Check out to find a salon near you that carries the line - See more at:
Kérastase Sensidote Dermo-Calm Masque - 200ml - $59 - a calming and relaxing masque treatment that creates a soothing instant cooling effect that reduces the sensitivity of the scalp to calm scalp irritation and leave hair soft and supple in just a few minutes.

Even if I didn't need it for scalp sensitivity I would probably use it anyhow, it smells amazing!

Available at  Kérastase salons and online at

- Lisamarie - 

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