July 28, 2014

Mascara Monday - my three fave waterproof mascaras from It Cosmetics, Marcelle and Pür Minerals!

'Tis the season for waterproof mascara - between the heat, humidity and rain some element is always trying to find a way to melt the mascara right off my face - which makes waterproof mascara the best thing ever! Here are the three waterproof mascaras in my makeup bag right now - looking at them I realize that there is a common theme in that they all have small brushes - so if you are a small brush lover too then check out:

It Cosmetics Tightline Waterproof Full Lash Length Black Primer Mascara - $24 - a waterproof mascara with a built-in primer and lash enhancing serum containing proteins, biotin, collagen, olive, jojoba, avocado and peptides. You can see the full review and pictures here.

Marcelle Waterproofing Mascara Topcoat - $16.95 - a transparent, water-resistant, paraben free topcoat for mascara that goes on weightless and easily to leave lashes feeling light, supple and ready to take on the wettest and hottest of mascara meltdowns! Perfect for the days that start off chilly so you think you won't need the waterproof mascara but by lunch the city has turned into an oven - just slap a coat of the topcoat on to prevent the mascara from melting off your face! Get the scoop here. 

Pür Minerals Waterproof Big Look Mascara - $23 - takes your lashes to the extreme rain or shine with all-day definition and extreme water resistance. The full review and pictures are here.

- Lisamarie -

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  1. I love love love Marcelle skincare products but never really was drawn to their makeup. This idea of a waterproof top coat is quite amazing I have to say! Never heard of anything like it!


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