January 29, 2016

Fragrant Friday - CLEAN Reserve

CLEAN Reserve wants to change the way you experience fragrance with a collection of scents that highlight your individuality. They were created to be dynamic and evoke, not memories of the past, but possibilities and experiences yet to be discovered. Each is linear without much movement from top to bottom, making it ideal for layering and blending -  and possible to have a whole library of fragrances with a few bottles so you can easily change your scent with your mood!

 Available in the collection is:

CLEAN Reserve Blonde Rose - 100ml  EDP - $125 - a sophisticated and feminine- with an edge, floral musk fragrance that is like taking a rose-petal filled bubble bath - with notes of aldehydic watery, rose, peony, jasmine, cedarwood sandalwood and musk and pairs well with Reserve Sueded Oud and Reserve Smoked Vetiver.

Contains sustainable sandalwood from Sri Lanka, where locals with an ancestral understanding of the tree’s properties use ecologically sound harvesting practices to extract the precious oil inside.
CLEAN Reserve Sueded Oud - 100ml EDP - $125 - a sophisticated and sexy woody musk fragrance - with notes of incense oil, blue cypress, birchwood, red pimento, honeysuckle, temple oud, night blooming jasmine, white magnolia, fir balsam, bushman candle, sarcocaulon, soft suede, gold patchouli, black amber, praline, skin musk, olibanum tears and can be paired with all the fragrances in the Reserve collection.

Contains sustainable bushman candle harvested by the nomadic Himbas tribe - continued use of this incredible shrub provides support that allows the tribe to preserve their traditional lifestyle and fosters sustainable plant growth 

CLEAN Reserve Smoked Vetiver - 100ml EDP - $125 - a sweet, smokey woody aromatic unisex fragrance that is rough and tough - with notes of verbena, bamboo leaf, bergamot oil, quince pear, blonde cedarwood, cotton peony, wild moss, gold amber, soft musks, vetiver, clean woods and myrrh and becomes a sensual experience when paired with Reserve Sueded Oud and is also lovely with Blonde Rose and Terra Woods.

Contains sustainable myrrh and vetiver -Himbas women carefully extract the natural resin produced by myrrh trees in Namibia, while Haitian farmers consider vetiver an agricultural treasure and harvest the plant with a focus on reducing soil erosion and increasing yield.

CLEAN Reserve Velvet Flora - 100ml EDP - $125 - an alluring luxurious Oriental woody fragrance made for anyone who has an aura of distinction, confidence, and modernity - with notes of green bergamot, jasmine lily, saffron flower, cedarwood, moss, musk, amber and patchouli and is great paired with Reserve Sueded Oud, Reserve Amber Saffron and Reserve Terra Woods.

Contains sustainable bergamot naturally extracted by the farmers of southern Italy.

CLEAN Reserve Terra Woods - 100ml EDP - $125 - a unique and enticing floral woody fragrance made for those looking to escape the urban jungle - with notes of fresh accord, fresh geranium, jasmine sambac petals, coconut, skin musks, textured woods, tonka bean and Madagascar vanilla and pairs beautifully with Reserve Velvet Flora, Reserve Smoked Vetiver and Reserve Sueded Oud.

Contains sustainable vanilla pods from fertile, ECOCERT-approved plantations in Madagascar to help fund continued education for farmers and their families by supplying school equipment and computers to foster growth and development in this beautiful nation. .

CLEAN Reserve Rain - 100ml EDP - $125 - a fresh and invigorating watery musk that captures the energy of a rainforest and the moment after a fresh rainfall when the air is so pure and fresh, you can actually smell life - with notes of bergamot, moist white flowers, vetiver and patchouli and pairs wonderfully with Reserve Warm Cotton.

Contains responsibly sourced Haitian vetiver, a warm, naturally occurring, fragrant root to the harvest of which benefits the people of Haiti.

CLEAN Reserve Skin - 100ml EDP - $125 - a comforting and inviting floral musk fragrance inspired by the feeling of a warm embrace and a loving touch - with notes of  fresh musks, warm skin accord,copaiba oil, tonka bean and salted praline and smells great with Reserve Rain.

Contains sustainable copaiba oil from communities in the Amazon which provides them with technical and financial support.

CLEAN Reserve Warm Cotton - 100ml EDP - $125 - a clean, warm and soft floral aldehydic that captures the sensation of the  warm-and-fuzzy feeling you get when you put on your favorite sweater straight out of the dryer - with notes of aldehydic ginger, watery ozonic, mint green, pepper floral accord, musk, incense, benzoin and vetiver and layers beautifully with Reserve Rain.

Contains sustainable benzoin harvested by Southeast Asian farmers to ensure only eco-conscious extraction methods are used without harming the tree as part of an ongoing commitment to protecting the crop through education and wide-reaching environmental conservation efforts.

And my personal favourite:

CLEAN Reserve Amber Saffron - 100ml EDP - $125 -  a sexy and intoxicating floral oriental fragrance inspired by the seductive tension that comes from what’s desired and what’s forbidden - with notes of bergamot armoise artemisia, mandarin oil, rose, lily, raspberry, musk, saffron and amber and perfectly layers with Reserve Velvet Flora, Reserve Smoked Vetiver and Reserve Sueded Oud. 

Contains sustainable mandarin oil cultivated in Brazil to support the communities and their livelihoods with financial and environmental assistance, while gaining the highest quality of this prized, uplifting sensual oil.

Everything about the line evokes a feeling of naturalness and simplicity - from the clean lines of the bottles, to the no-nonsense labels to the wood caps - which helps clarify the brand's message of eco-conscious sustainability. But what I especially like is that the line makes it easy to mix and match and create a fragrance that is very individual because who wants to smell like everyone else? Even scents from the collection that I might not care for on their own become something very different and wearable when paired with another scent - making for endless possibilities!

Available at Sephora and sephora.ca.

- Lisamarie -


  1. I love CLEAN perfumes so this is pretty exciting to see such a big expansion in their range! I guess this is kind of a take on Demeter's fragrance library concept?

    1. The same layering concept but much longer lasting! Let me know what you think once you smell them!


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