May 30, 2016

Clarins Multi-Active skin care duo helps repair those hectic days and short nights!

Clarins Multi-Active offers a skin care duo to keep skin radiant and beautiful in spite of that super-busy and stressful life we are all living these days.

Not only does it make you feel bad, but all that stress and lack of sleep is terrible for the skin - it leads to an overproduction of free radicals which is harmful for the key cell responsible for youthful skin - the fibroblast - in charge of the production of collagen and elastin fibres as well as the dermal matrix which ensures the smooth, toned look of the skin.

Thanks to cutting edge technology: capsules containing a powerful plant extract of teasel - with antioxidant and revitalizing properties which act like an energizing battery for the skin that target the fibroblast - the creams help skin remain youthful-looking for longer by correcting first lines and boosting radiance:

Clarins Multi-Active Jour - 50ml - $52 - available in Cream for All skin types, Cream for Dry skin Cream-Gel for Normal to Combination Skin - with myrothamnus - a South African plant with the capacity to survive water stress during the dry season, to help absorb the harmful effects of daily stress on the skin.

Clarins Multi-Active Nuit - 50ml - $55 - available in Cream for Normal to Dry skin and Cream for Normal to Combination skin -with organic California poppy extract - a flower that closes at night to regenerate itself, to offset the lowering of antioxidant defenses and boost collagen production so skin appears visibly smoothed and more toned upon waking.

Available now at Clarins counters across Canada and online at

- Lisamarie -

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