March 28, 2017

Introducing Stellar - high performance makeup with a focus on medium skin tones!

With 25 years spent in front of the camera, it's no wonder that Indian-born, Canadian-raised television host, actress and model Monika Deol has an opinion or two about makeup - she's had enough of it slapped on her face over the years and was constantly running into challenges with it.

Whether it was concealers that didn’t conceal dark circles, foundations that had to be mixed to match or powders that were too ashy she certainly became well aware that the market wasn't catering to the medium skin tones of Hispanic, Latino, Aboriginal, Chinese, Filipino, Middle-Eastern and Indian women.

And while it may seem that many beauty brands have broadened their shade horizons to include more skin shades in recent years, Deol laments that makeup diversity often gets distilled down to the very dark and very light, ignoring the many shades in-between.

Therein lies the inspiration to Monika's Stellar line and the star product: Limitless Foundation - which features an array of universal colors for all skin tones - focusing on medium-toned skin - with well-calibrated and extensive shades in the medium range (17 of them in fact) at a very reasonable price point.

Stellar Limitless Foundation - 30ml - $45 - in 22 shades: S01 - alabaster with yellow undertones, S02 - alabaster with pink undertones, S03 - cream with beige undertones, S04 - cream with yellow undertones, S05 - light medium with yellow undertones, S06 - light medium with peach undertones, S07 - light medium with dark peach undertones, S08 - medium with peach undertones, S09 - medium with yellow undertones, S10 - medium with dark peach undertones, S11 - medium with butterscotch undertones, S12 - medium with caramel undertones, S13 - wheat with peach undertones, S14 - wheat with yellow undertones, S15 - almond, S16 - caramel, S18 - caramel with red undertones, S19 - dark almond, S20 - walnut with yellow undertones, S21 - walnut with red undertones, S22 - light chocolate - with an oil-free, lightweight, highly pigmented, medium coverage formula that smooths on like a second skin, concealer discolouration and hyper-pigmentation, that can also be built to full coverage where it’s needed - for all-day wear with a natural looking, radiant finish.

I have an appreciation for the issue, it wasn't until very recent years that brands started coming out with fair foundations - through my teens and twenties I did the best I could with the very pink shades on the market and it wasn't until I started making decent money that I could get a fair, non-pink shade custom blended at Prescriptives (something Monika also had to do to find a match). Stellar's lightest shade isn't an exact match for me, but it was close enough that I've been taking it for a test drive for the past week and I do love how super light the formula is and how it really can be built to offer more coverage in problem areas yet still look very natural.

Also available in the Stellar line are concealers, loose powders, blushers, lipsticks and mascara.

Available now at select Sephora stores across Canada and online at

- Lisamarie -

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