March 9, 2017

Lotus Aroma Ambiance Mists welcome nature into your home!

Lotus Aroma Ambiance Mist - 199ml - $16 - in 6 aromas: Cypress & Cinnamon - lively and spicy; Eucalyptus Globulus - soothes sore lungs, throat and sinuses; Lavandin Grosso & Grapefruit - calms and soothes; Sweet Orange & Mandarin - energizing; Pine & Balsam Fir - festive and comforting; Rose & Indian Geranium - romantic - that enhance the atmosphere of your home, office or even car with a 99.9% natural formula that allows the mist to gently clear the airways, drawing from the traditionally recognized attributes of essential oils and instantly cleanse and perfume the ambient air.

These are especially wonderful in the months when it's too cold to open up windows to get fresh air into the house - I am a big fan of the Sweet Orange & Mandarin - it smells like taking a trip to an orange grove!

Available at fine pharmacies and health food stores across Canada.

- Lisamarie -

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