May 28, 2018

Indeed Labs Hydraluron Intense Moisture Lotion

Indeed Labs Hydraluron Intense Moisture Lotion - 30ml - $24.99 -  a multi-layer, long-lasting, paraben, colourant and fragrance-free  moisturizer that leaves parched skin looking and feelin ghydrated, plumped and smooth with restored balanced for a more youthful appearance.

What makes it unique is the advanced moisture complex that's formulated with a unique blend of high, medium and low molecular weights of hyaluronic acid and sodium hyaluronate to create a multi-layer, long-lasting moisture barrier for the skin - the smaller molecules penetrate deeper into the skin, while the larger molecules sit on the surface, ensuring the skin is hydrated on all levels.

Main ingredients include: hyaluronic acid - a mega-hydrator that holds 1000x its weight in water helping skin to retain collagen, increase moisture and enhance elasticity; sepitonic M3 - a powerful multi-mineral energizer that includes copper, magnesium and zinc that helps improve circulation to increase oxygen levels and protect the skin against free radical damage and glycation while restoring the skin’s balance for a more youthful appearance; and squalane - a high purity vegetable, olive sourced emollient that replenishes fatty acids and moisturizes, softens and smooths the skin.

Check out to order or find a store location near you.

- Lisamarie -

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