July 13, 2018

Test Driving - Blitz Facial Bar The O2 Blitz Facial!

I've had a lot of oxygen facials since Madonna made them so popular years back and they have all been pretty much the same thing:
a spray like airbrush in conjunction with a serum providing one result per treatment.

I thought that was the way they were supposed to go but it turns out, not all oxygen facials are created equally! So I visited the wonderful Mati at The Path location of Blitz Facial Bar to try The O2 Blitz!

At Blitz Facial Bar, they do oxygen facials differently, rather then a spray, they use an innovative CO2 organic dermal-grade gel with ingredients such as licorice extract, eucalyptus, ivy, glycerin, sodium bicarbonate and caffeine that delivers oxygen into the dermal layer of the skin triggering red blood cells to release large amounts of oxygen needed to stimulate skin cell renewal along with a specially designed sheet mask.

I'm told oxygen levels in facial tissues naturally decline with age so at its most basic, the O2 facial increases oxygen in the skin, which in turn stimulates circulation to help the deeper layers of the skin take in the high-performance ingredients in the gel.

Once O2 is absorbed into your skin, oxygen-rich blood flows and as a result, cell metabolism is enhanced and oxygenation is greater; effectively delivering much-needed nutrients and hydration.
It's your usual facial up to the gel part - cleaning, massaging, exfoliating: then a thick layer of the oxygenated gel is applied (brrrr, it's cold, they keep it in the fridge!) and a sheet mask is placed over top generating CO2. This creates a sensation of tiny bubbles fizzling over the skin. The cool and tingling feeling means the regenerating effectiveness of the ingredients are reaching the deeper layers of the epidermis - it feels weird but not painful - kind of like pop rocks popping all over your face. And while waiting for it to do it's good work you are treated to a scalp and hand massage - my idea of heaven!

The best thing about this facial is not only does it result in an increase in skin elasticity, wrinkle reduction, skin brightening and luminous skin tone right away but the results continue on for another 10 days - leaving skin tighter, plumper and younger looking - it's the facial that keeps on giving!

The O2 Blitz will set you back $190, lasts an hour, is safe for all skin types, both genders and has no downtime or side effects making it perfect for special events or even as a lunch time facial - now made even easier since Blitz opened the location in The Path - right in downtown Toronto at 65 Queen Street West!

Picking up your Blitz skin products is also very simple - they will make suggestions for you after your facial based on your skin type/concerns and will keep all your choices on file in the computer so you don't have to actually remember what you use, they can remind you when you come.

You can book your facial online at https://blitzfacialbar.com/location-path/ or by phone at 416-365-1200 - or check out blitzfacialbar.com - to find the other 3 locations across Toronto (and the one in Brooklyn, NY)!

- Lisamarie -

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