September 19, 2018

This week I'm obsessed with... Chanel shoes from The RealReal!

Love the idea of designer clothes and accessories but not the idea of paying full price or trying to figure out which are the real from fake ones on eBay?

Enter The RealReal -  an online luxury consignment website with over 600 employees and multiple locations across the United States that accept and ship product worldwide. They take the guesswork out of online luxury shopping by ensuring that every piece on their site is 100% the real thing thanks to a dedicated team of authentication experts, horologists and gemologists who  know exactly how to tell real from counterfeit, from the quality of the leather to the zipper manufacturer.

I've always coveted a pair of Chanel shoes and I'm currently in love with these black suede Chanel round-toe pumps with embroidered interlocking CC accents at magenta suede cap-toes, quilted panels at platforms, covered heels and tonal stitching throughout - and for $460 I wouldn't have to feel super guilty about them especially if I consider how I'm saving the environment by helping to recycle! I need to make a decision though, I was looking at a different pair of shoes this morning but by the time I came back to write this post, they were already sold!

What's great is they actually have all of the items in their possession, the pictures are of the actual item you are buying and any wear is described so you know exactly what you are getting. Have luxury items to sell? Let them do all the work and collect 85% of the selling price, not a bad deal!

Check out The RealReal for yourself at and satisfy your own Chanel obsession or your Gucci obsession for that matter or any one of the numerous other high end brands!

- Lisamarie -

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