April 5, 2024

Fragrant Friday - Marc Jacobs Daisy Wild

Melting snow, crocuses and longer days are all signs that spring is on it's way but the real harbinger of spring for me is the arrival of the new Daisy fragrance from Marc Jacobs that appears in stores every year around this time....

Marc Jacobs Daisy Wild - 30ml EDP - $120, 50ml EDP - $151, 100ml - $194 - a floral scent
reminiscent of a bouquet of wildflowers with a top of banana blossom accord; heart notes of  jasmine and macadamia accord; and base notes of sandalwood and vetiver des sables. 
If a floral fragrance is your springtime bliss then this one is going to be your jam. I was hoping the macadamia and sandalwood were going to make it a warmer fragrance but it smells totally fresh and floral-like on me - with the jasmine being the most prevalent note.
What I really adore though is the bottle, a wild daisy has been added to the bouquet on the cap and there are flower stems peeping through the light green juice in the bottle making it beautifully decorative on your dressing table.
Also, for the first time ever, this Daisy fragrance is fully refillable - with a 150ml refill format for $215  that you can use to top up any of the bottles.
Available at Shoppers Drug Mart and Sephora stores across Canada and online at beauty.shoppersdrugmart.ca and sephora.ca

- Lisamarie -

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