April 26, 2024

Fragrant Friday - Palm Royale inspired Scentbird Collection!

In celebration of Apple TV’s original series, Palm Royale and Scentbird are taking you to the heart of fragrances inspired by the 1969 Palm Beach High Society. Discover the Palm Royale collection that represents scents that will transport you directly into each scene.
There are 6 fragrance collection themes including: 
CRÈME DE LA CRÈME - sweet, minty, and exclusively top-shelf.
DIVINE DEVIANCE - vibrant and rebellious, these scents don't play by the rules.
SUNKISSED - fresh, airy, and perfect for the outdoors.
SOPHISTICATED - classic, beautiful blends fit for the queen of the season.
LEGACY - bold, ambitious scents that scream old money.
OPULENCE - live in abundance with luxurious blends fit for high society.
With each theme offering several fragrance choices - with a few of them also being offered in a full size bottle (if you need a refresher in how the Scentbird subscription service works you can find it here)
With so many choices it's hard to narrow down which one I loved best but decided the Sunkissed collection seemed the most like me and from that what scent that was totally me was: Goodhabit Ignite - 50ml EDP - $90 - bold, energizing, and citrus-forward, the scent opens with a splash of clementine, complemented by fresh-squeezed grapefruit and a twist of blood orange. Hints of skin musk and creamy peach rise to the surface as the scent warms, grounding the vibrant elements. It smells like sunshine on my skin! This is a new-to-me brand but I will be trying more of it to be sure - I love how Scentbird makes it so easy to try brands that you just don't see in the stores here!

Enjoy some high society yourself (without the annoying people) now at scentbird.com.

- Lisamarie -

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