September 16, 2013

Garnier Body Repair - making dry skin comfortable again!

Fall is pretty much here, you can feel it in the air and probably even your skin! You (probably) can't control the weather but you can keep summer going in your skin with:

Garnier Body Repair Reparative Balm - 200ml - $7.99 - contains shea butter and a high concentration of glycerin in a heavier textured cream for immediate and intense reparative action that provides 48 hours of intense nourishing hydration which regenerates the moisture barrier and leaves dry skin feeling completely repaired after just four weeks.

Garnier Body Repair Intensive Repairing Lotion - 250ml - $5.99 - enriched with Canadian maple extract which serves as the binding agent to repair smooth and rough skin - it has a smooth, silky texture that absorbs quickly and keeps you moisturized and nourished for 24 hours.

I like that there are 2 different formulations in the line because the skin on my body isn't the same all over so I can mix and match the products to suit the area - I use the balm on my calves, knees and elbows which tend to be drier and the more normal parts get the lotion - that way everything is happy with the optimum amount of moisture! Only disappointment, the maple extract does not make the lotion smell maple-y!

Available now at drug and mass retailers across Canada.

- Lisamarie -

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