November 26, 2013

Rococo Nail Apparel - with swatches!

Rococo Nail Apparel - $20 - in a multitude of finishes and shades: Creme - creamy, glossy good coverage; Sheer Gloss/Stain - sheer, glossy, high shine or matte stain;  Satin - smooth satin finish, creamy full coverage; Luxe - luxurious pearlescent or iridescent formula, glossy finish; Metallic - futuristic metallics, good coverage; Molton Lava - hot liquid meta formula, full coverage; as well as a collection of finishing products including a Gold Leaf Lacquer, Superbase, Supergloss, Essential Nail Oil and Ultimate Nail Basecoat.

Check out to find out where to buy near you.
Space Invaders - black with silver sparkles
Black Sukura - dark cherry red creme
Once Bitten - rich toffee apple red in a sheer gloss formula
Hip-Hop - retro coral creme - 

FYI, the lines you can see in the swatches seem to be caused by some weird reflection and not (just) an inept polish job!

- Lisamarie -

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