November 8, 2013

Shiseido Ibuki - you may be going crazy, but your skin doesn't have to!

Shiseido Ibuki is a new line of skincare meant for the new generation of women - you know who you are with your crazy schedule of spouses, kids, work and the mulitples of other things you pack into your day.

Of course that kind of busyness causes stress which shows up on your skin in different ways: from not getting enough sleep, to hormone related breakouts that show up every month unwanted and uninvited, along with dry office air, a less then balanced diet combined with a little too much celebrating all make for constant annoying recurring skin problems that never completely resolve themselves for good.

Shiseido Ibuki aims to help build some inner resistance in your skin against UV rays, dryness and daily stress by infusing it with long-lasting moisture to put it in a super-hydrated state, so it can maintain it's full, healthy, moisture-plumped form - thus giving it the power to resist problems and keep its ideal balance.

Gentle Cleanser - 125ml - $35 - a gentle cleanser that immediately lathers into a creamy foam to rid the skin of impurities and excess surface cells that lower the skin's resistance, without stripping away esscntial moisture to leave skin feeling fresh and silky smooth to the touch.

Purifying Cleanser - 125ml - $35 - an invigoring lathering scrub that dislodges resistance-lowering impurities and excess surface cells without harming the skin and leaving it clean and refreshed with a satin-smooth feel.

Softening Concentrate - 75ml - $30 - a concentrated softener that penetrates quickly and deeply into the skin's surface and builds its resistance to problems by filling it with moisture.

Refining Moisturizer - 75ml - $52 - a multi-functional moisturizer that fundamentally improves visible pores, the appearance of breakouts/blemish marks and skin roughness caused by dryness and maintains the moisture all day long while creating a smoother, more refined skin texture.

Refining Moisturizer Enriched - 50ml - $52 - if you like the idea of the Refining Moisturizer but don't think it's moisturizing enough, the Enriched version has all the same benefits with a richer and more substantial texture.

Protective Moistruizer SPF 15 - 75ml - $52 - and if you like the idea of the Refining Moisturizer but also want some SPF, the Protective version has all the same benefits along with an SPF 15.

Eye Correcting Cream - 15ml - $45 - a cooling eye cream that takes care of dark circles, puffiness and fine lines for immediately more vibrant eyes and helps the appearance of the eye area achieve resistance to stress factors resulting from lack of sleep.

The two products from the line that I thought I would like the least, are actually my faves - the Softening Concentrate isn't like a traditional toner - it doesn't strip off oil or feel all tingley but is more like a lotion that adds moisture into the skin which I thought would make my combination skin feel all greasy but actually makes it feel very comfortable and smooth.

With it I've been spot using the Refining Moisturizer Enriched in any dry areas. I was already testing a serum from another line so between that and the Softening Concentrate I haven't felt like I needed an all over moisturizer and because the Enriched one is a cream, it's perfect for dabbing anywhere I feel dry!

The other aspects of the line I really appreciate is the sleek packaging which makes it look expensive while meanwhile the pricetag tells you it's not!

Available now at Shiseido counters across Canada.

- Lisamarie -

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