May 28, 2014

Celebrate 100 years of Triumph with a bra that actually fits!

It's the perfect time of year to throw out all the ugly, dingy, ripped and ill-fitting underwear that has been lurking in the back of your lingerie drawer all winter and invest in some new lovelies like this set from Triumph - who have been making pretty things for 100 years now:

Triumph Forbidden Lace Bra - $48 - in sizes from B to DD and Forbidden Lace Bikini - $20 - in S to XL - both come in black, natural, beige and my particular favourite, blue - stretch lace. Available at Hudson's Bay.

And while it's important that your bra looks good in your lingerie drawer you also want to make sure that it's comfortable and doing its job on your body. 

Would you be surprised to know that Triumph recently discovered that 76% of women are currently wearing the wrong bra size? Aside from being very uncomfortable, wearing an incorrect bra size can have many negatively impacts on your day to day life from decreasing your confidence to affecting your overall health. 

The perfect fit should feel comfortable, weightless, improve your posture and create a flattering silhouette that makes you look and feel great - if you aren't feeling that way in your dainties, it may mean you are wearing the wrong size and should be fitted by an expert.  

Here are the major signs that you are wearing the incorrect bra size:

1)      You’re uncomfortable.

2)      Your straps are digging into your shoulder.

3)      Your straps are falling off of your shoulders.

4)      Your bra is leaving marks or indentations on your body.

5)      Your underwire is sticking out.

6)      You’re spilling out of the sides of your cup.

7)      You’re overflowing out of your cup.

8)      The strap is causing a bulge in the back.

9)      The band keeps moving up in the back.

10)   The band does not rest flat against your back.

11)   There is a gap between your bra and your bust.

12)   The center of your bra does not rest on your skin.

13)   The cups are sagging or baggy.

14)   You’re experiencing issues with back pain, indigestion, restricted breathing, or neck pain.

15)   You’re in pain.

If you are experiencing any of the above issues, it is time to visit a Bra Fitting Stylist at Hudson's Bay. Their expertise can help you identify what issues are related to wearing the wrong cup or size and ultimately find you the perfect fit. 

Of course even when you are measured by an expect sizing can differ from brand to brand depending on cut, materials and style so while ordering bras online can seem like a tempting time-saver, prepare to have to return some of them for sizing issues!

To book a personal fitting with an expert Triumph Bra Stylist, please email:

- Lisamarie -

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