May 16, 2014

Test Driving - Stayfree Ultra Thin with the Stayfree Challenge!

If I needed any more proof that my life is exactly like a television commercial, I was recently asked to take the Stayfree Challenge - and because a perfect television life is exactly what I aspire to, how could I say no?!

To be honest, I actually agreed to do it because I always find those challenge  commercials somewhat annoying and figured they were a scam so I really  just wanted to try it for myself to see if it was truly accurate or not...

The nice people at Stayfree sent me a kit containing everything I would need to recreate one of their commercials - I laid out one of the Stayfree pads, along with one from two competitors.
Poured 5ml of blue liquid in the centre of each pad (my husband and I debated why the liquid was blue and decided it must be because it's the least offensive colour - can't do red, can't do yellow...) and then waited 30 seconds to let the liquid absorb...
Placed a blotting sheet on the centre of  each pad and then placed a 5lb weight on top of said blotting papers. Waited 5 seconds...
and ta da! Stayfree is not making those commercials up, theirs was really the only blotting sheet that stayed dry - I even removed the weight off theirs last in case the few extra seconds that it would stay on being last off made the difference.

Colour me a believer - Stayfree is not my usual brand and while I am very impressed and will consider switching, but to be truly enamored, they would have to beef up their wings, they are a little small and flimsy for my taste.

- Lisamarie -

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  1. LOL! As I started to read this, I actually wondered if you we're going to use the blue liquid! I'm glad you used it - I don't think I could handle red or yellow. Pretty cool that Stayfree was the only one to stay dry!


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