November 7, 2014

Pureology Curl Complete - curly or wavy colour-treated hair has a new best friend!

Pureology has introduced a new line of  products specifically developed for curly or wavy colour-treated hair - Curl Complete - can be used on any type of  curly hair - loose, bouncy, coily or wavy and is so lightweight, it can be used on even the finest curly hair!

I had a chance to preview the line for myself at the Mosaic Salon in Toronto with Pure Artist, Mandy McFadden, my hair twin who was on hand to talk me through the ins and outs of curl care - something I know nothing about myself having straight hair that runs shrieking at the sight of a curling iron and even managed to shake out the Toni's of my youth in record time!

My big takeaway from our chat was that curly hair needs to be messed with as little as possible to protect the integrity of the curl and prevent frizziness - so no drying with terry cloth - Mandy suggests using a cotton t-shirt instead, no brushing, no rubbing, really the less touching you do, the better if you want the curl to hold it's shape and not frizz.

And of course, use a line of products meant for curly hair, by which of course she means the Pureology Curl Complete line which consists of:
Curl Complete Shampoo - 250ml - $30 - an anti-frizz, sulfate-free shampoo that gently cleanses while respecting the hair fiber's natural oils and lipids for gloriously conditioned and invigorated curls.

Curl Complete Condition - 250ml - $32 - a versatile, detangling conditioner, light enough for even fine, curly hair that smoothes the cuticle and helps lock in moisture while protecting against humidity.

Curl Complete Uplifting Curl - 200ml - $36 - an ultra-light milk that enhances hair curvature and lifts limp, colour treated curls to provide bouncy definition and all-day frizz control.

Curl Complete Taming Butter - 200ml - $30.50 - tames rebellious, coarse kinks with relaxing humectants and restores hydrogen bonds for increased elasticity and reduced breakage.

Curl Complete Moisture Mask - 150ml - $50 - envelopes hair fiber with curve-enhancing elastofilm for enhanced condition, definition and bounce and is heavy enough for even coarse, curly hair.

Curl Complete Curl Extend - 30ml - $36 - a dual serum where one side contains a combination of conditioning agents and styling polymers to nourish and moisturize hair to add definition and shine to hair without frizz while the other side contains elastic 3D crystal net - powered by Intracylane & Elastin, it redesigns the curvature from within for longer-lasting curl memory.

Available now at fine salons across Canada - check out to find one near you.

- Lisamarie -

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