November 7, 2014

Soul 7 helps you heal naturally with mindful healing technologies!

Toronto's Yorkville area is now home to a new exclusive wellness and relaxation centre - Soul 7 - which offers natural, non-invasive, drug free solutions with a focus on mind/body balancing technologies - which up to now have only been available in Europe - with therapies that boost the immune system and enhance overall physical, mental and emotional well-being - which can relieve things like chronic anxiety, memory-loss and pain including back pain, headaches and fibromyalgia, without pills or surgery - and accelerate recovery from acute sport and other injuries, often in one or two sessions.

Founder Bob Berman was inspired to bring the therapies to Toronto after extensive research and time with alternative healing practices when searching for a way to cure his wife's cancer as conventional methods weren't working. He began a spiritual journey, that continued after even his wife sadly passed which have culminated in the opening of Soul 7.
I recently had a chance to visit the centre and let me just preface this by saying that I'm not a "new-agey" kind of person who goes in for crystals and alternative healing so I was way out of my element here. Luckily, while I might not know anything about alternative healing, I do know about napping and vibrating so the Neuro Muscular Vibration Therapy was right up my alley. It's meant for pain relief by employing low amplitude, low frequency mechanical stimulation to improve muscle strength, power and flexibility - but really I could just go every day to have a nap in this thing - it's super comfy, it vibrates and they play music that is synchronized with the vibrations - I could have laid there all day!

Along with that therapy I had a Crystal Healing Therapy Treatment which is the big light box you see hanging over the bed  - while you are napping/vibrating/healing - it uses an array of specially cut and lighted quartz crystals to reorganize the surface tension and bonding properties of the water found in cell tissue to induce chronic pain alleviation. I didn't go in with any pain, but I sure didn't come out with any stress!

Other therapies available include Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy, Guided Visualization Therapy and Sound & Light Therapy.

If you are in the Toronto area you can check out Soul 7 for yourself at 17 Yorkville Avenue - 416-847-6999 and find more info on the website -

If you are in the area and would like to try it out I have a couple of free passes that I would be happy to send over to you - to snag them e-mail

- Lisamarie -

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