November 10, 2015

Formula X The Prescription - hydrating, strengthening and brightening sets with four easy steps!

Formula X introduces The Prescription - $23 - 4 x 3ml - with three, four-piece, intensive nail treatment collections that are designed to help strengthen, brighten, and hyrate nails in four simple steps - locked together in a revolutionary and convenient CLIX! quad.

With 3 sets available to recover, restore, and recharge nails from the most common nail problems in four steps:

Target and treat dry or peeling nails with The Hydrating Prescription - designed to help promote moisture, combat breaking and peeling, and renew damaged cuticles while instantly beautifying your mani with a sheer wash of high-shine color. Hydrate nails with Prime Condition - a conditioning base coat infused with aloe vera, cactus, cucumber, and bamboo to promote moisture; nourish and protect with Sheer Strength Nail Color in Wondrous - a sheer, pink porcelain nutrient-rich lacquer that instantly enhances nails; top off your mani with Condition Plus - a conditioning top coat that contains pentavitin and keratin to help seal in nail health; then, after nails have dried completely, apply Quench - a nourishing blend of oils enriched with vitamin E to help heal dry, damaged cuticles.

Revive dull or discolored nails with The Brightening Prescription - made to eliminate stains, neutralize discoloration, and fight yellowing while instantly brightening nails with a sheer wash of high-shine color. Start over with Brightening Treatment - a stain-removing serum infused with AHA, kiwi, lemon, licorice, and cucumber; eliminate discoloration with Color Corrector - a milky purple base coat formulated with optic brighteners to instantly beautify nails and fight yellowing; achieve extra nail durability with Sheer Strength Nail Color in Wondrous - a sheer, pink porcelain shade; and then lock in vibrancy and gel-like shine with Color Plus - a color-protecting top coat that extends your mani for over a week.

Rejuvenate nails with The Strengthening Prescription - a set that restores weak or gel-damaged nails. Reinforce nails with Prime Strength - a strengthening base coat infused with ceramic, pentavitin, cactus, and bamboo to promote nail durability; nourish and beautify with Sheer Strength Nail Color in Wondrous - a sheer, pink porcelain shade; finish off your mani with Shine Strength - a strengthening top coat that contains acrylic and keratin to help shield nails with a glossy, gel-like finish; once nails have dried completely, nourish and revitalize cuticles with Cuticle Conditioner - a keratin cuticle serum.

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- Lisamarie -

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