November 2, 2015

Sahajan offers natural products that help you be mindful of what you are putting on your skin!

Introducing Sahajan, a new Canadian brand with a first-of-its-kind blend of organic science along with Ayurvedic remedies - a 5000-year-old Indian system of health care embracing the spiritual, mental and physical aspects of health - developed by Toronto-based, Lisa Mattam, a former pharmaceutical executive

She was inspired to create the line after coming to the realization that the kind of product she was using on herself was not something she wanted on her daughter's skin so why was she putting it on herself? This inspired her to create a line of scientifically proven products with natural and plant-based ingredients found within the oils and creams of the home remedies her parents and grandparents used for their families. The products incorporate proven Indian traditions and trusted ingredients as a natural way to protect and nourish skin and hair - without having to worry about what’s in them.

Available in the collection are:

Nourish Face Cream - 50ml - $60 - with a rich, deeply hydrating formula containing triphala - richly concentrated in vitamin C to help brighten the skin; gotu kola - to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and firm skin; and coconut oil - deeply hydrates and adds a glow that makes the skin look brighter.

The scent includes a natural accord of soft cedarwood, East Indian sandalwood oil with traces of exotic warm cinnamon spice, bold geranium and soothing lavender oil topped with fresh bergamot plus lemon, lime and orange oils.

Restorative Eye Cream - 15ml - $45 - restores the delicate skin around the eyes with neem oil - helps minimize the appearance of dark circles; triphala - to brighten the look of skin; and honey - to repair and soothe dry skin.

It shares the same scent as Protective Face Serum and Nourish Face Cream to enhance the Sahajan experience, but in a lighter formulation for use around the delicate eye area.

Ritual Body Oil - 100ml - $55 - pampers dry skin and restores its natural glow while soothing away tension with coconut oil - deeply hydrating and perfectly absorbed to protect skin against dryness; almond oil - to add a beautiful glow while soothing, moisturizing and softening the skin; sesame oil - with properties that can help treat dryness, hydrates, nourishes and protect the look of skin; along with avocado, sunflower, jojoba and camellia oils.

Scented to help promote a sense of well-being through a soothing and relaxing experience with a lush combination of floral oils including rose, lavender, violet and geranium, enhanced by notes of sweet ylang ylang and fresh lemon.

Nurture Hair Oil - 52ml - $50 - helps nourish and repair hair with a silicone free formula containing eclipta alba - helps to repair dry, damaged hair and protect against excessive styling; amla oil - nourishes hair as it grows and helps to maintain hair colour and shine; coconut oil - offers both protection and repair for the hair from environmental impacts such as excessive styling, harsh weather and continued colouring; and almond oil - to add sheen while moisturizing, soothing and protecting.

Soothingly scented with a blend of rich essential oils including velvety Indian sandalwood, cedarwood oil and calming rose oil topped with a hint of warm amber oil and sweet ylang ylang.
And my favourite product from the line:

Protective Face Serum - 30ml - $70 - with a concentrated formula containing triphala - richly concentrated in vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that helps to brighten the look of skin; gotu kola - reduces the appearance of wrinkles and firms the skin; and hyaluronic acid - increases hydration, improves elasticity  and smoothes the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

The scent includes a natural accord of soft cedarwood, East Indian sandalwood oil with traces of exotic warm cinnamon spice, bold geranium and soothing lavender oil topped with fresh bergamot plus lemon, lime and orange oils.

You can also try a little bit of everything with the Discovery Kit - $50 - a tasting-menu-experience of the entire Sahajan Collection with five mini products plus a natural wood compact mirror in a stylish linen makeup bag.

I love the scent of the whole line, it smells like an expensive spa. The textures are also great - with all the oil based ingredients you might expect them to be greasy but they are anything but - the products are smooth, silky and quickly absorbed. I'm loving the Protective Face Serum - it's perfect on it's own on my combination skin right now and once it gets colder and my skin becomes drier, I can layer it under the Nourish Face Cream.
All of the Sahajan products are formulated to meet both natural and organic certification standards, which require the use of 80% organic ingredients from environmentally friendly practices and also that 95% of the ingredients come from natural origins.

Sahajan products are now available online at, at Homesmith in Toronto, Bhavana Yoga Boutique in Halifax and across the U.S. at

- Lisamarie -

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  1. Those products look great. I'll be keeping an eye on this line!


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