February 13, 2017

Discover 3 ways to perfectly cleansed skin from IDC!

IDC Integral Moisturizing Micellar Cleansing Milk and Makeup Remover - 200ml - $25.99 - offers all the benefits of micellar technology with a creamy texture in a clever, multi-tasking 4-in-1 formula that  gently cleanses, removes all traces of makeup from the face, eyes and lips, hydrates and soothes while  protecting it with its anti-pollution action. 

The 100% natural oat complex calms even the most sensitive skin, while an innovative cosmetic ingredient derived from algae found in French Polynesia delivers protection and restores glow to the complexion.

IDC Perle Purifying Cleansing Gel - 100ml - $25.99 - with a 4-in-1 sensitive skin formula that cleanses, removes makeup from the face, eyes and lips, purifies skin and protects it from external aggressors. 

Formulated with natural milled pearl extracts, it removes impurities embedded deep within the pores and delivers gentle micro-exfoliating action with every use while linseed extract protects skin and increases its hydration by strengthening the cutaneous barrier. 

And my new favourite that I use a few times a week after either cleanser:

IDC Trilogy Triple Exfoliation Mask - 40ml - $29.99 - delivers three types of exfoliation in one formula: chemical (AHA) from a combination of fruit and floral acids - stimulates epidermal cell renewal while releasing dead cells and removing excess oil, enzymatic from marine micro-organisms  - relies on enzymes that promote the shedding of skin cells to real new layers of healthy skin; and mechanical with bamboo beads - unclogs pores and completes the process of eliminating dead cells and eliminating all remaining traces of impurities.

Available now at beautyboutique.ca.

- Lisamarie -

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