March 26, 2018

Give your skin a lift with Lierac Lift Integral!

Whether you are reluctant to have a facelift and/or injections and seek an effective cosmetic solution or have already had a facelift and/or injections and wish to prolong the effects, there's a new line from Lierac that you will want to check out - Lierac Lift Integral!

At the heart of the lift-injection formula is mahogany extract and  purple tulip extract along with an exclusive ingredient - Hyalu-3 perfect for skin in it's 40's and 50's looking to perk up - available in the collection:

Lift Integral Superactivated Lift Serum Firmness Booster - 30ml - $110 - reinvigorates, boosts the elasticity and firmness of the skin, giving both an immediate lift upon application as well as long-term benefits - with a formula that also includes pea peptides for a tension and volumizing effect.  

Lift Integral Sculpting Lift Cream - 50ml - $100 - corrects sagging to restore a positive facial expression - with a formula that includes candolle flower oil, derived from tiare flower - for it's moisturizing properties - its various fatty acids (caprylic acid, lauric acid, myristic acid and omega-6) are essential for strengthening the skin barrier and maintaining a proper level of hydration. 

Lift Integral Restructuring Lift Cream Night - 50ml - $100 - blurs cheeks and redefines the bottom of the face to restore a positive facial expression with a formula that includes ginger for its draining and refining action.

Lift Integral Eye Lift Serum Eyes and Lids - 15ml - $75 - works on drooping eyelids, a sad appearance, bags and dark circles with a formula that includes acacia and datura for their anti-dark circle/anti-puffiness action.

And my favourite from the line:

Lift Integral Flash Lift Mask - 75ml - $80 - an express treatment that offers the perfect pick-me-up for the skin and offers a tightening effect/glow at the end of a treatment routine, before applying makeup or before an evening out to retighten and reinvigorate features instantly. With two natural biopolymers that form a resistant and flexible film with the surface of the skin for an immediate stretching and soothing sensation that also provides an excellent base for makeup.

Available now at drugstores across Canada and online at

- Lisamarie -

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