March 7, 2018

This week I'm obsessed with... Kat Burki Essential Radiance pH+ Enzyme Essence

Kat Burki Essential Radiance pH+ Enzyme Essence - 100ml - $120 - equalizes the skin's pH level to help the skin’s barrier keep lipids and moisture locked in as well as protect against environmental damage from pollutions, toxins and bacteria and the aging process - helping skin look it's best. 

Containing a unique complex of pH balancing ingredients: fruit enzymes - help to resurface the acid mantle by boosting natural exfoliation for ultra-soft skin; antioxidant dense turmeric - to strengthen; vitamin C from orange hydrosols, pumpkin seed oil and papaya - support collagen to maintain skin structure and firmness; and bioactive pumpkin and papaya enzymes - rich in iron, zinc, C and K to infuse the skin with phytochemicals and fortifying compounds, the strengthening cellular responses and to accelerate the exfoliation process.

Using it is slightly confusing, it's liquidy so you'll be tempted to treat it as a toner but it actually goes on after your toner (if you use one) - just apply a dime size amount to fingertips and pat onto skin allowing it to fully absorb before applying your serum and/or moisturizer.

Available at Murale stores across Canada and online at

- Lisamarie -

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