September 15, 2009

The Genius Celebrity Designer also known as The "Victoria Beckham Syndrome"

Oh Victoria, I quite like your latest collection. I like the lines, the colors, it feels modern, yet it is elegant and wearable.
But let's get one thing clear, OK? You and I both know you are not a "Quick Learner" nor a real designer. You're a fraud and your talents are about as real as your breasts (which you swore were absolutely real, for years).We both know Roland Mouret design team has a lot to do with your collection. Let's remind our audience why you, and pretty much every celebrity out there, are not designers.

Design takes real talent, but also real passion. If you were that passionate about fashion design, my guess is you would have started a long time ago. But I digress . You said, my dear Vicky, you could not draw. Hmm. So how do you design exactly if you can't draw? 
The next job of a good fashion designer is to work on  patterns for their garments, before the fabric is cut and then sewn. Making patterns is quite difficult and there is not a chance in Hell you'd learn this without taking many courses (in fact, many designers use pattern makers).
When your "good friend" is Roland Mouret and you share not only the same management team, but also the same "look", perhaps you did get a little help...

That being said, if you're a celebrity and you want to use your name to make as much cash as you can, good for you... But please, don't tell us you created a "collection" (when by the way, you never mention the source of your inspiration like a real designer would) or a perfume or [insert merchandise here] etc...and take the credit for it.  Because, really, I'm sick of reading about talentless goons who think they are proper fashion designers. Lauren Conrad, I'm also talking to you.
- Christelle -

Victoria Beckham's collection - Dailymail, UK

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