December 22, 2009

Christina Ricci's Four Play with Donna Karan (Video)

I've finally found the new Donna Karan commercial starring actress Christina Ricci and directed by Sting's son, Jake Sumner, called "Four Play". Only a man (or myself) could come up with  a title like that. Anyway, Sumner's idea was to create a commercial that looks more like a movie than a traditional advertisement campaign. Chanel started the trend with the epic Chanel N.5 commercial, starring Nicole Kidman, a few years ago;  but now, it's so subtle, you're left wondering: what the heck are they trying to sell ? The right answer is: Donna Karan Eldridge bag...yeah I didn't see that one coming either. This commercial is not exactly earth shattering but it has a cool vibe and Christina Ricci does look fab. Never mind the DK bag, I want whatever she's wearing!


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