December 7, 2009

I'm sorry Ms Jackson - Ooh I am for real!

Janet Jackson appeared in a pre-recorded - and lip-synced-  performance last Saturday night on the British X Factor show, dressed like this! I know Ms Jackson is on the curvy side, but could she not find anything better to wear than this denim nightmare? Perhaps, when she woke up that day and  decided to "sing" a medley, she had nothing to wear but the most ill-fitted pants, straight from the 90's, and a pair of shoes only Avril Lavigne would wear? And as everybody in Canada knows, being compared to Avril Lavigne is not a good sign (see exhibit 1 below - when Avril was a country-gospel singer, ha ha!).

Low crotch pants, tucked in your shoes, are anything but flattering. I mean someone should tell Janet there is a happy medium between showing your Franken boobies to the whole planet during Superbowl and covering up every inch of your body during a stage performance.

But I do love you, Ms Jackson. So please, hire a new stylist or something. No, not you Avril Lavigne, I just want you to go away, go shoot some shampoo ads in Japan...forever.


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