November 27, 2010

Beautiful Skin Revealed by Dr. Paul M. Friedman

Beautiful Skin Revealed: The Ultimate Guide To Better Skin - Dr. Paul M. Friedman - $49.50 - Shadow Media -  ISBN: 13 9780980039825 - there are so many products and so much information out there that I am often confused about what to do with my skin - who better to give me advice then a dermatologist whose job is to fix skin problems and make it look beautiful! 

He offers an expert's  view on common skin conditions and treatments that really work as well as tips on how to maximize the time with your dermatologist. Dr. Friedman has grounded the book in science and explains why conditions occur.  He uses before and after photos and real patient testimonials to show readers the incredible results made possible through the latest treatment options.

There is something for everyone with chapters on: Complexion, Acne, Wrinkles, Rosacea, Birthmarks, Eyes, Leg Veins, Skin Cancer, Scars and Stretch Marks, General Dermatology, Products and Choosing a Doctor. I actually found interesting and relevant information in almost every chapter and really appreciated hearing about various treatments from the actual patients getting them!

The book is actually more like a coffee table book - hardcover and oversized - so if you know someone who is interested in skincare, this would make a really nice gift!

- Lisamarie -

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