November 11, 2010

Puffer coats are everywhere! Here's a few coats from Danier, Esprit, Guess and Reitmans! Not to mention accessories from 180s, Cougar Boots and Nine West!

Danier Puffer Bomber - Style 104030480 - $599 - with soft lamb leather and an oversized funnel collar this puffer has a luxurious look and feel.
Esprit Puffer Jacket - Style IQ1832 - $179.50 - comes in blue black and grey with a shiny finish, detachable hood and belt.  It's also long enough to keep your butt warm!  I was in Esprit on the weekend and they had lots of different puffers, so you should make a stop there if you are puffer shopping!
Guess Nikki Puffer Jacket - Style W0F220MD949 - $178 - love the faux fur collar on this one!
 Reitmans Puffer Coat - $150 -  short down filled coat with faux fur trim in white

As you can see they come in a range of prices, from luxe to very affordable! Will I be picking up a puffer?  Not sure on that one, I've tried a few on and it really does seem to look better on girls who are tall and slim so I'm still debating!  If you are like me and haven't embraced the all over puffer trend - a puffer accessory is a great alternative!
180s Behind-the-Head Ear Warmers - $35 - they're cute, they're puffy and they won't mess up your hair!  The puffer style comes in other colours and there are other styles as well. And if you have a giant head like Christelle, you will be happy to know they are adjustable!  Available at The Bay, Sears, Mark's and Zellers.

Cougar Boots - Ringo Star - $200 - nylon with a polar plush lining to keep your tootsies super warm up to -30° C.  Love the (faux) fur trim!  Also available in white.  Check out for availability.
Or take the trend inside with this Nine West New City Medium Frame Bag - $150 - it's not really puffer, but it has the look and it helps you embrace the Mad Men trend while you're at it!

So what do we think about puffering?  Yea or Nay?

- Lisamarie -


  1. Love the jackets but fear you may be right about them only suiting skinny models. I could totally get into the boots and we'd actually be able to wear them throughout our cold Canadian winters and look good.

  2. On second thoughts the puffiness doesn't seem to be too overdone and would be practical for warmth as well.

  3. My problem is that I am short, so even a little puffy can make me look kind of round! ;-) I agree with you about the boots - look for my post on them next week!

    Best, Lisamarie

  4. the puffer jacket/coat

    its all over inflation--why do you need a puffer ?
    to keep very warm in freezing weather? or to just stay on trend in the city.
    therefore your choice is really important in this puffer craze.
    its about the down content and feather ratio-and also about the feather fill, bit like a sleeping bag the higher the fill the warmer its going to be.
    more down and fill -more expensive,
    some of these puffa are not going to keep you warm in freezing tempertures.
    look for tighting togals/ warm lining material/ double ended zips/fur trim/hoods/water proof top layers-if it says shower proof not waterproof if you get caught out in a windy storm without a brolly, you will be soaked right though, right into your down/feather jacket-they don t call it waterfowl for nothing and you will smell like one too, not to mention no coat for days while you wait for it to dry, if its your only option you will be cold.
    If you want to keep warm and add layers underneath for those freezing snow/rain/wind and sleet who cares if you will look like a barrel, you wont, not whilst walking in a freezing storm.
    so whats the real deal,why do you need this puffer anyway?
    if there is no puff then its not going to keep you very warm or dry.
    I have owned many puffers from the canada goose to Marks and spencer.

    before you buy ask yourself why and what for.


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