November 16, 2010

Cougar Boots help me relive my childhood with style!

In my younger years there were three things that I really desperately wanted:  a Daniel Hecher sweatshirt from Fairweathers in a pastel colour, a pair of white Nike running shoes with the light blue swoosh and a pair of Cougar boots - the pillow boot style pictured here.  My mother, having no understanding, and probably no money to indulge the desires of a young girl, never did oblige so I lived with my knockoffs and dreamed of the day when I would be a grownup and could buy any little thing my heart desired!

Being a grownup isn't all it's cracked up to be but it does have some advantages such as being able to eat cake for dinner and  to dress myself in things that don't come from the clearance rack at Sears!  Luckily my love for this particular style of Cougar boots didn't survive my childhood, but that's okay because along with me, Cougar has become a lot more fashionable!  And since I have every intention of being a cougar someday (and I guess if we are counting under aged yumminess like Taylor Lautner, I already am one) this seems like appropriately named footwear for me!

I showed you the Ringo Star boots the other day in my post on puffer coats - I think that puffer boots are a great alternative for following the trend without having to be allover puffy.  What I really love about these boots is that they fit over my calves - I never thought my calves were particularly large until this high boot trend came in and nothing would zip over them!  Keep in mind that unless you are a shortie like me, these probably won't go all the way up to your knees like they do on me, but I don't mind, I'm going to have me some warm calves this winter!

Along with winter boots, Cougar also has a line of rain boots, or wellies as we call them around my house - if you never thought a wellie could be edgy check out these biker boot inspired ones!  My only issue is that they only come in full sizes and as I am a half size, I had to get them a half size bigger - if I ever got my foot stuck in a mud puddle, my foot would come free and the boot wouldn't!

You can check out these and all of the styles at

What do we all think about the new Cougar Boots does anyone remember wearing them the first time around?

- Lisamarie -


  1. Edgy wellies - I love it! About time!

  2. I SOOO remember cougar mom wore them for years during the winter. Haven't seem them for years either, this brought back memories!


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