February 10, 2011

Leona Lewis: a Million Dollar Voice in $10 Outfits!

I find Leona Lewis really gorgeous: she has a beautiful face, with a new nose, a curvy body and a voice to match...however, this lady has lost her mind. A lip top? Seriously? 
Mind you, the crazy Pierrot outfit she wore a while ago was so sad, it almost made me cry.  Ill-fitting, badly made, it looks like something I would sew for my worst enemy. 

And to top this, Leona was very proud to announce she had designed this lippy dress. This is probably the first celebrity I believe actually designed her outfits.
There is nothing worse than trying to look edgy when you're as dull as dishwater. She's so dull, I'm bored just reading her name.

Leona stepped out last night at a pre-Grammy's  event wearing yet another of her own wacky designs. I'm lost for words.

Now Leona, watch how you do C.R.A.Z.Y : Taylor Momsen schools you! Underage Taylor forgot her pants - as usual - at the Justin Bieber's film Premiere. Did I mention, lots of really young kids were in attendance? Being an attention whore is a full-time job for Taylor.

So are you excited by Leona's upcoming clothing range, like I am?



  1. we never hear anything of Leona Lewis here, even though she started on XFactor!

  2. *lol* I can't believe that lip top!!

  3. Ho man I saw this lippie outfit in the paper and thought the same. I also think Leona Lewis is dull, bland and was wondering: What the heck with her now?!

    I like a few of her songs, but to me, Leona Lewis is a big nobody, with a one-hit wonder(I know she has a few singles, but who can even tell their names)?

  4. seriously HORRIBLE outfits!! Leona WTF are you thinking?? & Taylor looks like a dirty hooker!! Bwahahahahaha


  5. So funny but also a little bit sad...this is what happens when you're surrounded by enablers and "yes-people"...instead of telling Leona she looks ridiculous, they are probably inflating her ego by telling her that she's a talented designer!

  6. the outfit would've looked better if it was just a regular top and didn't have those hideous lips. also, new nose? i hadn't noticed!

  7. Also saw a headline saying her new haircut has turned her into a Kardashian!
    She's quite dull, but has tended to be dull in a nice way. Now she's just hurting my eyes with these ensembles!

  8. I agree with Dani; if the top had been just a simple, red top with NO lips, the dress might have worked.

    But UGH, Taylor Momsen. How old is she? 17? And she literally dresses like a prostitute. The sad thing is, she is so pretty without all of that horrid clothing and raccoon makeup. :(

  9. ICK... i'm not hating the "edgy" outfit
    the some of the pieces work!!! just not all together =p

  10. Yes Leona got a new nose, but it's nicely done. Of course she denies it, but I recognize a nose job when I see one! The tip of your nose doesn't miraculously change just by applying bronzer...she's turned a little too "Hollywood" since she broke up with her long-time boyfriend.

    As for Taylor, yes she's 17 and looks like a dirty hooker.


  11. The lips on the outfit totally remind me of Dairy Queen commercials.


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