February 28, 2011

MAC Jeanius - genius or just another beautiful collection to suck the money out of my wallet?!

With Jeanius MAC has come up with one super creepy beauty picture and one lust worthy collection - Kudos to you MAC!  Check out the limited edition goodness:

Eye Shadow - $23.50 - these are what I am most lusting after!
White jeanius - white with silver pearl
Diva in Distress - mid-tone grey with silver pearl
Motorhead - mid-tone dirty blue with copper pearl
Stovepipe Black - black with copper pearl
Lipstick - $17.50
Acid Washed - grayish beige with gold pearl
Riveting Rose - deep burgundy with blue pearl
Pretty Please - pale pink pearl
Lipglass - $17.50
Painted On - grayish beige with gold pearl
Indigo Pink - deep burgundy with blue pearl
Docile - chrome pink peach with gold
Powder Blush - $23.50
Overdyed - bright magenta (satin)
Pink Cult - mid-tone dirty neutral pink (matte)
Nail Lacquer - $17 - I also have my eye on these!
Biker Blue - black base with purple and blue pearl
Frayed to Order - white matte with soft pink duochrome pearl
Penultimate Eye Liner - $21
Rapidblack - true black
Penultimate Brow Marker - $21

On counters and online www.maccosmetics.com March 3rd.

- Lisamarie -


  1. I'm pretty tired of MAC and their LE collections. Nothing appealing to me here.

  2. molto carino il tuo blog...ti seguo volentieri..se vuoi nel mio piccolo mondo le porte sono aperte anche per te! <3

  3. I agree with Beauty Reductionista. I think MAC should do more to promote their current products, and only come out with GASP like 3 LE collections per year. Ive lost all interest, even if things are new and interesting.

  4. Nothing really too exciting here - I'm already over my denim phase after Bobbi Brown's collection last autumn. Blue's a rather terrible colour on my most of the time anyway so no point in splashing out.

    I do enjoy the artist creativity of the PR photos though!

    Cassie x

  5. hmmm not sure If i'm going to jump on any of these, but thanks for sharing

  6. MAC has way too many collections going back to back...
    but i do like the eye-shadows... so pretty ... to look at... lol


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