February 25, 2011

Introducing My First Clarins!

My First Clarins is a new line of skin care created for girls aged 16 to 25 to help them learn the value of a good beauty regimen.  The Daily Energizer range is made up four products at an extremely affordable price:

Fresh-Energy Cleansing Gel - 75ml - $15 - its gentle cleansing base neutralizes the effects of hard water while the creamy foam eliminates impurities and make-up and protects even the most delicate skin.  Contains Saponaria for cleansing and Moringa for purifying.

Daily Energizer Wake-Up Booster - 125ml - $15 - recharges skin energy and revives a healthy glow while it's moisturizing action ensures a soft, smooth look while its toning benefit refreshes and provides a pleasant feeling of well-being.  Contains Caffeine to boost and revive skin cells, Redcurrant to moisturize, refine and tighten skin texture and White Tea to protect against free radicals for instantly fresher-looking and radiant skin.

Daily Energizer Cream (normal to dry skin) and Cream-Gel (for normal to oily skin) - 30ml - $25 - gives ideal skin moisture and helps to eliminate minor imperfections for soft, skin that doesn't shine.  Skin is perfectly hydrated with an even, fresh-looking, bright complexion.  It's also an excellent make-up base. Contains Vitamin C to energize skin cells and Turmeric, an antioxidant, both which leave the skin more resistant and full of energy.  As well, it contains Alchemilla extract, rich in flavonoids and tannin which act on how bright and matte skin appears.  It unifies skin tone by regulating the melanogenesis process, diminishes shine and reduces the appearance of small imperfections by slowing down excess sebum release and Ginkgo biloba which ensures optimal cell and skin tissue oxygenation by stimulating microcirculation.  The skin appears bright and fresh-looking.

Not only is Clarins promoting good skin care in girls, they have also partnered with Fast and Female - an organization whose mission is to promote the health of young girls through sports because Clarins feels that a healthy diet, exercise and a healthy skin care routine are the guarantees to preserve beauty youthfulness.  To this aim, Clarins will donate $1 from each My First Clarins product sold during the months of March and September. Clarins and Fast and Female will also collaborate on various innovative online campaigns featuring contests on Facebook - all of which will be targeting young girls. For more information on Fast and Female, visit the website at www.fastandfemale.com

And they might be aiming this at young girls - but I'm young-ish, and I cannot resist Clarins quality at those kind of prices so don't think I won't be picking up some of this for myself!

- Lisamarie -


  1. what a great idea from clarins!
    have you tried their self tanners by any chance?

  2. I tried was their new mousse one from last year - great texture, great smell, great results! Here's the link:

    Best, Lisamarie

  3. I love this concept and what a great way to show girls how to protect their skin. Too bad I didn't see if they contain sunscreen.

  4. Nope, no sunscreen - you're right,it would be nice to see them add a cream with sunscreen to the line!

    Best, Lisamarie

  5. I agree with Bella. If this had an SPF, I'd be picking it up..

    But because it doesn't, I'll be looking somewhere else. It seems a bit foolish of them to not include a SPF.. Especially considering who this is targeted towards and its purpose.

  6. I LOVE THIS LINE!!! I am currently using the energizing wake up booster and it is WICKED! any age can use it and see results!!! and plus that, it's only $15. been using it now for about a month or two and it's made a huge difference in the radiance of my skin!!!

    @jenny: their self tanners are the BEST! Try the 'delicious' one... you won't regret it! best on the market!
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  7. if i ever decide to try Clarins sounds like a great line to try, especially at the affordable prices~

  8. In Europe, this line is marketed towards girls/women aged 25 to 35. And it *does* have an SPF15 day cream. Odd!!


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